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Fox News Lies and Spins About Crowd Size At Coakley/Obama Rally

Reported by Alex - January 18, 2010 -

Last night (1/17) President Barack Obama was the keynote speaker at an eleventh-hour rally in Boston for Democrat Martha Coakley, who is running against Republican state senator Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the death of Ted Kennedy last August.

President Obama addressed an overflow crowd which filled Northeastern University’s Solomon Court at the Cabot Center and spilled out into the street to watch the event on live video. However, if you were watching Carl Cameron reporting for Fox News, you could be forgiven for thinking that there tumbleweeds rolling forlornly in the empty aisles just off-camera. With video.

Reporting from inside the hall during one of the earlier speeches, Carl Cameron claimed,
”And here you have the spectre of President Obama about to speak at Northeastern University in the heart of downtown Boston, and frankly, the hall is not filled - the capacity is 3000, there’s about 2000-2500 here.” . (See the first video, below, from about 1:00).

Ummmm, no, Carl. First of all, the capacity of Solomon Hall for basketball games is 2500, not 3000. Further, a gymnasium or stadium is not set up the same way for a political rally as for a game, and as you can see in some of the photos here,spectators were admitted to the floor area only - with the staged seating either left empty, cordoned off behind the speakers, or used by the press. (It’s possible that the capacity of the hall was further limited due to security concerns.) In any case, a report from National Journal puts the capacity of the main area at 1100, and Boston.com puts the total indoor capacity for the day at 1500.

Cameron claimed that enthusiasm was lacking. However, FoxNews.com’s own report says that supporters began to arrive as early as 4 AM to stand in the bitter predawn cold in a line that eventually snaked around the corner and ran for close to a mile down Huntington Avenue:

(Photos courtesy of Crooks and Liars)

By 2 PM fire marshalls declared the venue full - capacity 1100, with an additional 500 seated in an overflow room - and began turning people away, up to 2500 of whom continued to stand for hours in the cold in order to watch the event on streaming video outdoors.

Nope, no enthusiasm there, no sirree! And what were those numbers again, Carl – and more to the point, who fed them to you? Is this part of the Fox "News" partisan policy of denigrating the Democratic candidate while promoting the GOP candidate in this race? Or did you pull those numbers out of your…errr, never mind… And what’s that I heard about a “zero tolerance for onscreen errors” policy?

Carl Cameron Lies and Spins About Coakley/Obama Rally Attendence:

And while we’re here, take a look at something from yesterday's event you won’t see on "fair and balanced" Fox News: