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Bill O’Reilly Promotes Ray Stevens Anti Obama Song Which Includes “Death Panel” Lie

Reported by Priscilla - January 18, 2010 -

It’s not surprising that an anti Obama song would be promoted on Fox News which actively promotes anything and anybody that is anti-Obama. Bill O’Reilly was so impressed with Ray Stevens' “patriotic” little anti-Obama tune, that he featured the song on two separate “Factor” segments. On neither occasion did O’Reilly attempt to rebut the lies that are presented in the song: but rather, presented it as wholesome fun. Move over Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and all the other songsters whose music accompanied the Civil Rights rallies and Freedom Marches. We now have a new form of protest music for another type of movement which actively vilifies the first African American president of the US. The times they are a changing….

O’Reilly first played a clip of Stevens song during his “Back of the Book” segment on January 7th. He noted that this anti Obama care song has received lots and lots of internet hits. Bill gave his viewers Ray Stevens’ website information so that they could hear the whole song.

Last Friday, January 15th, O’Reilly interviewed Ray Stevens (Ahab the Arab, The Streak, Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer) a musician who specializes in silly ditties about silly things – hardly Bob Dylan. He introduced the segment by referencing the opposition to Obama’s health care reform and then identifying Stevens as somebody who is opposed to it. He then played part of the video. The melody was country (read – real American and not that, thar hip-hop devil’s music). Stevens appeared as a colonial guy, a hardhat, and his simple country self. (read – real Americans and not those coastal elites and minorities) while singing "You vote Obamacare,We’re gonna vote you outta there! We the People have awakened to your tricks.You vote to let this pass,You’ll be out on your ____! Cause we the people have awakened." This was followed by a couple of “actors” who did some visual “comedy” to illustrate the lyrics – which represent a lie and right wing talking point still being promoted by the radical right wing opposition to Obama. While Stevens sang about what would happen to sick grandma - “I realize she’s ill, But there’s talk of legislation, on all our medication,and maybe all we can do is put her on a pain pill” – a “nurse” was snuffing out “grandma.” (There are no “death panels”) Interestingly, Stevens affirmed the media source for the “death panels” - We’ve heard from Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh,What you’ve got in mind for Grandma, And we found this O’Reilly fella on Fox.” Obviously the O’Reilly reference was what got him up close and personal on the “Factor.” O’Reilly didn’t play the rest of the song which talks about how Obama is “defecating” on Americans and “How ’bout the medical profession? Ha ha.Yeah, they’re gonna need every one that can put up with the red tape and the pay cut.” (the AMA supports health care reform). More right wing talking points - "kill every last job, tax every last penny, and infringe on every God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (If folks can’t get affordable health care, they won’t be happy). The rousing finale (teabagger equivalent of “up against the wall”) was “Cause let me tell you, ain’t nobody happy with you!” (Obama’s popularity is still around 50%) “We the People have awakened…And it occurs to me that you might really like it down in Venezuala.” Alas, Bill didn't have time for all that right wing profundity.

Next came the actual interview with this troubadour who represents those for whom “Howard Beale” is a role model. Stevens said that as a conservative “he’s to the right of Attila the Hun.” He apologized for being “silent” during the Clinton administration; but now “we the people have awakened.” Bill said that it was a very funny song and that we need to “bring…a little levity back to the country.” (Levity? I’d call it just plain nasty). When Stevens said that his album of political and patriotic songs is coming out soon, Bill said that he would play some of the songs.

Comment: Well Hee-Haw. That song was just so gosh darned funny (love that euthanasia "humor") that Bill O’Reilly forgot to challenge Stevens on his blatant partisanship and lies. But I have to admit – it was a pretty slick way to get that anti Obama, anti health care propaganda out there. But as a musical equivalent to “We Shall Overcome…” – not hardly!

If you really want to see the entire Stevens video: