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Where Did Fox News Dig Up This “Democrat?” At A Tea Party?

Reported by Guest Blogger - January 16, 2010 -

Guest blogged by Brian

Thursday’s (1/14/10) Your World featured a discussion about the President’s proposed fees on big banks. The show purported to present a balanced segment with Republican Jennifer Stefano and "Registered Democrat" Tom Russell. But Russell spent every moment of his airtime attacking President Obama and the proposal. Stefano (Surprise! Surprise!) was a committed loudmouth for her side. She also took some gratuitous swipes at Democrats and the left while she was at it. Another example of Fox News “fair and balanced.” With video.

Stefano called the proposal, "A desperate plea by a President plunging in popularity in the polls.” She continued, “There's no need to tax the banks when they already paid back the money with interest. So it's OK for the president, for the government to make money, but not for these banks to continue to make money… The middle class is going to see this tax hit them. All we have to do is pick up our cable bill, our telephone bill, our cell phone bill, and see these fees that the government tried to pass on to the corporations that came right back to us in the middle class."

Instead of offering a real Democratic perspective, Russell made it an anti-Obama pile on. “Shame on him for trying to do a sleight of hand with us again. He’s saying one thing. They created this whole problem. Why don’t they just stop trying to fix something he created?" Comment: How did Obama create this? Russell should have known that the banking problem originated under Bush 43, as did the bailout.

And if Russell did not know, certainly host Cavuto should have pointed that out. Instead, he listened intently and without challenge as Russell went on with baseless accusations: “There’s no way in the world this is going to work. This is another smokescreen… This is all a joke. This is a joke to keep us busy lookin’ at something else while they’re pulling something else out of their hat.”

Stefano said, "They (Democrats) love the theory of evolution. Let's apply it to the free market. Let the weak fail, and that includes the weak banks, they should have been allowed to fail, and let the strong survive and thrive and move on and keep the wheels of the economy going forward."

Russell piled on again, sounding more like a tea partier than a Democrat. "I think it's an entire joke… It's a sleight of hand. They're trying to confuse the issue, demonize so called rich people, make them look bad, but remember this, when was the last time a poor person signed your paycheck? We need banks, we need people with money to be making the economy work. We don’t need this sleight of hand, demonizing rich people. That’s who made this country great. I'm tired of that man demonizing the people who made the country work. It's making me sick. What's it leaving our country with? Everybody that has money is bad? That's ridiculous."

Cavuto was obviously pleased. "You two should take your act on the road. You're pretty good together."