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Fox News Takes A Break From Haiti Earthquake Coverage To Do A Little PR For GOP Candidate In MA Senate Race

Reported by Ellen - January 16, 2010 -

Fox News repeatedly interrupted its special news coverage that was almost entirely about Haiti this morning to report on the Massachusetts Senate race. As Fivethirtyeight.com's Nate Silver noted, every new poll showing a tightening race is a news cycle won for Republican Scott Brown, but, on the other hand, tightening polls could motivate Democrats and relieve sense of 'inevitability' that has plagued Democrat Martha Coakley's campaign. However “Democratic” pollster Doug Schoen (News Hounds’ Democratic Wanker of the Decade) only seemed to think about how much trouble Coakley is in, how angry the population is over President Obama’s “increasingly unpopular” agenda and how the entire Democratic Party has moved “further and further left” with Obama. Host Jamie Colby felt the need to make sure viewers knew up front that Schoen is a Democrat, so Fox News producers evidently knew Schoen's anti-Democratic positions and approved them. With video.

Colby started by saying, “I have to remind people (Schoen is a) Democratic pollster because as you look at this race, you think Martha Coakley’s in trouble.”

“I think she’s in real trouble, Jamie,” Schoen quickly answered. “This race is trending for the Republican, Scott Brown, largely because independents, the largest block in Massachusetts, are breaking 2 ½ to 3 to 1 for Brown.”

Schoen continued, “This is the first real referendum we’ve had since President Obama has been elected on his presidency. It’s in… the bluest of the blue states but with a close election or, potentially, a Republican victory, it’s the first chance for people to express whatever anger and outrage they have with an agenda that is increasingly unpopular.”

Colby said, “I have to ask you again because as a Democratic pollster, I often am hearing you now saying that Democrats, certain ones, are in trouble. What’s going on inside for you as you watch the numbers?”

“What’s happened is the Democratic Party has moved with President Obama further and further left,” Schoen began. (Riiigghhttt… That’s why there’s no public option left in the Senate health care bill, why the Stupak amendment was put into the House health care bill, why Timothy Geithner is the Treasury Secretary and why President Obama retained from the Bush administration Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, e.g..) Schoen continued, “Moderate Democrats like myself and a dwindling number in the Senate and a probably larger number in the House are increasingly nervous as the Republicans become more conservative and the Democrats more liberal.”

Schoen never said a single word in support of what is supposedly his own Party.

Then it was back to covering Haiti.