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Fox Nation Runs Liberal Baiting Headline In Appeal To Anti Choice Readers

Reported by Priscilla - January 16, 2010 -

The Fox Nation “Statement of Purpose,” about their “commitment to the core principals of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse” produces a hearty LMAO and ROFL. The headline, “Magazine Cover Sure To Drive Liberals Mad” throws aside any pretence towards journalistic objectivity in it’s partisanship and clear statement of opinion. There’s no “Cavuto question mark;” but, rather a speculation based on beliefs of Fox Nation writers who obviously don’t really know jack about liberals. But in the interests of propaganda, who needs facts – especially if you want to foster the hatred and division that the Fox “news” empire seems to specialize in. And when you're inciting "pro-life" sentiments, as this thread aims to do, there is some serious hatred in play.

The incredibly sophomoric headline accompanies a cover photo, on “In Touch” Magazine, of Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol. Both are beaming while carrying their babies. The cover story, sure to warm the cockles of all the anti-choice Fox Nation “readers,” is “We’re Glad We Chose Life.” So big deal. Who cares!? Obviously Fox Nation, which, so far, has gleaned 217 comments of the usual “libs are baby killers” kind of drool. What is the point of this thread other than to elicit animosity towards pro-choice liberals – the kind of animosity that results in the ongoing harassment towards women’s health care clinics – the kind of animosity that results in the murder of doctors who provide abortions? How “tolerant” is a headline that guffaws about how those dirty libs will hate this “pro-life” magazine cover?!

I don’t know if my comments will drive the conservative writers of Fox Nation “mad” – but here’s the thing. You seem to assume that liberals read “In Touch” or are aware of it. Obviously, I can’t speak for liberals – but I seriously doubt it. You seem to assume that cute little baby pictures upset liberals. WTF?! You seem to assume, like those who are anti choice, that pro-choice liberals don’t want women having babies.

Memo To Fox Nation Writers and Readers: If anything, liberals don’t care about what the Palins do. Your assumption that this photo and cover statement will “drive liberals mad” is just so misplaced as liberal, pro-choice folks would say that they’re “glad” that the Palin women had the choice to have their children – something that Sarah Palin would deny to other women. Reproductive choice is good so why would liberals be “mad” (and couldn’t you use a more adult word like “angry?”) But mad? If the Palin’s want to exploit their children for “pro-life” propaganda, that’s their thing. I’m glad that they have the resources to care for these children. One thing is for sure, if liberals read the accompanying story, as I did, they would have the last laugh at Bristol’s comment that she is abstaining from sex until she marries.

But “commitment to the core principals of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse” - I don’t think so. It’s more like commitment to intolerance, personal attacks, and divisive discourse. And that means that Fox Nation’s “statement of purpose” is as full of shit as their “headlines.”