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Fox Nation's Death Wishes For Gays

Reported by Ellen - January 15, 2010 -

We've written a lot about the death wishes for President Obama and other Democrats on Fox Nation, the website that boasts about its commitment to tolerance and civility of discourse. But even I was stunned by the gay bashing from the readership in comments attached to a post about a Columbia University professor's finding that California's ban on same-sex marriage makes gays "more susceptible to depression, suicide and substance abuse." Homophobia and hatred in comments is not so surprising. We've had experience with the syndrome here. But what's really shocking and troubling is that these comments were allowed by the moderators. Screen grabs after the jump.

The post has the somewhat inflammatory headline, "Professor Says Prop 8 Makes Gays Suicidal." It's not like Fox Nation wouldn't know how their readers might likely react to such a headline, so there's no excuse for them not to have been at the ready. Unless, of course, this is what they hoped for. H/T Cliff M.