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Hannity Guest Argues Palin "As Qualified," "More Serious," Than President Obama

Reported by Ellen - January 14, 2010 -

Just when I thought that the Palin fawning could not get any more slobbering or less reality-based, a panel on Hannity last night (1/13/10) argued, in all sincerity, that Sarah Palin is articulate, “as qualified” and “more serious” than President Obama. With video.

Host Sean Hannity set the tone by saying early in the “Great American Panel” discussion, “Governor Palin, I find her fascinating. She’s smart, she’s articulate.”

OK, I’ll grant that she’s no dummy. But articulate?

Juan Williams was the only (moderate) liberal in the group that included, in addition to conservative Hannity, conservative Jeri Thompson and conservative Jed Babbin. It’s the usual “fair and balanced” ratio for this segment. “I tell you what,” Williams said. “You put Sarah Palin up against Barack Obama in 2012, I’ll see you in the dust.”

Babbin said, “They are both as qualified.” By the way, Babbin is no Joe the Plumber. He’s the editor of Human Events and served as a deputy undersecretary of defense under President George H.W. Bush.

Hannity chimed in, “I’ll take Governor Palin over Barack Obama any day… as president.”

Williams was astounded. To his credit, he put up a spirited argument. “That’s why Republicans are about 23% of the American people.”

Babbin said, “Sarah Palin will command more attention from people because she is more serious… She’s more serious than Barack Obama. Barack Obama cannot articulate a reason to defend the United States against terrorism.”

“Stop, stop, stop!” Williams said. “You’re hurting yourself. You’re saying to me that Sarah Palin is more articulate than Barack Obama?”

Hannity said, “Take away his teleprompter and he’s…” (The rest was unintelligible, but Babbin said, ‘That’s a low blow, Sean.’)

Hannity continued, “Sarah Palin’s smart enough to know that we don’t have ‘man-caused disasters.’ We have a war on terror. Sarah Palin’s smart enough to know that the American people are better off with more money in their pocket than the government taking over car companies and banks and dictating pay and taking over health care. She’s smart enough to understand in freedom and liberty vs. the nanny state that Obama’s creating… She’s not a socialist.”

I so wished Williams had said, “But she’s a quitter (and she could not even articulate that well)! She could not even finish her first term as governor!”

You can contact the show at Hannity@foxnews.com.

You can contact Babbin at jbabbin@humanevents.com.