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Bill Hemmer Advances Fox Propaganda That MA Trying To Change Election Law To Pass Healthcare

Reported by Priscilla - January 14, 2010 -

Despite Fox’s contention that the programming, during the day, is “news” rather than “opinion,” there is still a lot of opinionating on these so called “news” programs. While it’s a little more subtle than the partisan dreck that is doled out by Fox & Friends and the nightly propaganda line-up, it still manages to work its way into the format. The most recent example has been the bogus Fox meme that Massachusetts is trying to change the law in order to keep the Fox candidate, Scott Brown, from voting against health care in the event that he wins the race. That Fox would stoop to lying (I know, business as usual) about this race shows the extent that Fox is going in order to support the candidacy of former "Cosmo" nude centerfold Republican Scott Brown.

Martha MacCullum, in an interview, on Tuesday (January 12th) with Mr. Brown, let slip this little gem which she obviously pulled out of her cute, little derriere: “They are pushing to change the state law now, according to reports, so that he won't be able to be sworn in if he were to win -- Scott Brown -- until after the health care vote.” (Whose reports, Martha? Right wing “Gateway Pundit” which is promoting the same talking point?) According to the conservative Boston Herald, a spokesman for the Commonwealth said that the certification for the election could take days because of absentee and military ballots. State law gives cities and towns 15 days to certify their tallies. Ergo – no change is being sought.

So along comes the smarmy Bill Hemmer, on the very same day, to do a little reinforcing of the meme. Tuesday (January 12) he interviewed Fox’s Molly Line about the state of the Massachusetts senate race. Catch the intro: “With Brown promising to stop the health care bill, in its tracks in Washington, well the Bay State is trying to rewrite the rule book again to keep him away from Washington.” He and Line discussed the various polling data and how this race is a bellwether for the state of health care reform. Hemmer said “we mentioned that they’re trying to rewrite the rule book. What does that mean.” Molly must not have gotten the memo about the “rule change” because she talked about how the interim senator, Paul Kirk, has promised, in the event of a Brown victory, to cast his vote for health care if the legislation comes up before Brown is seated. She added that Brown has said that he should be put in place quickly so that he can cast his own vote. Nothing to see here, move along. And to answer your question, Bill, about what this "means," it means jack shit.

Comment: Line didn’t give Hemmer exactly what he wanted (probably because there isn’t any basis for it) – but that didn’t prevent the lie from being disseminated – twice. Nice propaganda there – Fox “News” – “Fair and Balanced.”

BTW, it’s also worth noting that Fox Nation ran with the same lie in a thread titled “Dems May Stall Brown Swearing In To Protect Obama Care.” Their source – disgruntled Republican apparatchiks who “heard” that this will happen. The same Boston Herald article then quotes Brian McNiff whose comments I summarized above. Hemmer didn’t mention McNiff’s refutation of the Republican talking point. Maybe he just didn’t see the Fox article.