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Bill O’Reilly Talks Spanking

Reported by Priscilla - January 13, 2010 -

Simmer down, now – it’s not what you think. Last week (January 8th) Bill O’Reilly and his "Culture Warriors" discussed a new study, from a Christian college, about how spanking actually benefits a child. The resulting discussion was very interesting and a little surprising!

After O’Reilly introduced the topic, Gretchen Carlson (nicely tanned after her Caribbean Christmas vacation) touted the so called “benefits” cited by the study done at Calvin College in Michigan. According to the data, the children were more successful at school and more “positive about life.” Carlson then claimed that “this study was going on in Canada where they’re trying to make spanking illegal.” I don’t know where former Miss America picked up this nugget. The article about this on the Fox News website references politicians and child advocates in the UK who have tried to have spanking outlawed. (Canada-UK-same degenerate libruls-no difference). Perhaps if Gretchen did a little research she would have found out that in Canada, “All of the 10 provinces and three territories of Canada, allow the use of "minor corrective force," but it can only be "of a transient and trifling nature." But hey, if you can work in a “blame Canada” thing, it’s all good. After O’Reilly said “illegal,” Carlson continued with her unfounded and Europhobic commentary (works so well for ethnocentric Fox fans): “just like in Europe. And this is what's going to happen.” When O’Reilly asked her if she spanked her kids she replied that she doesn’t “now;” but rather she “pats them on the bottom.” (One would love to see what O’Reilly was thinking at this point!) When asked about the study, Margaret Hoover said that “you can find a study to back up any point” and referenced three recent studies that claimed that spanking is deleterious. O’Reilly worked in a perfunctory right wing talking point: “Right. You can back up anything, like global warming.” Hoover said that when she has children she will try not to spank them. Bill then said “every parent tries not to.” Carlson, still obsessing on how evil government can tell you not to beat your children, said “The point of the story is controlling what parents do in their households, that we've now gone to where we're going to make a law that what you do...” Not surprisingly O’Reilly agreed and added another perfunctory ethnocentric slam: “Western Europe and all of these -- these socialist countries are trying to dictate how you raise your child, and that's wrong.” Not noted that the author of the study said, “This in no way should be thought of as a green light for spanking,"

But then a surprising admission from Bill: “Now, I will tell you that I don't spank my kids. Just my presence frightens them. So I don't have to do that. All right? And I don't want to do it, and I wouldn't do it unless it was their safety -- their safety was in question.” (Uh, are they scared because he screams at them to “shut up?”) When Carlson said, “We all turned out OK. I don't know if you were spanked,” another interesting and self revealing comment from Bill: “That's not true. I certainly have not turned out OK. And if you read "Bold Fresh," you know that.”

Comment: I certainly agree with Bill on that last point. But it is interesting because Bill did admit, in his autobiography, that his hot tempered father favored corporal punishment. There is a study which shows that children who are spanked are more likely to have sexual problems later in life. But I was surprised that Bill isn’t an advocate of corporal punishment. I suppose just living with somebody who might have a plethora of personality disorders is punishment enough!