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Glenn Beck Hatemongering Of The Day: It’s “Most Shocking And Horrifying” To Call Universal Health Care A Right

Reported by Ellen - January 12, 2010 -

Meet The New Glenn Beck Show, Same As The Old Glenn Beck Show. All last week, Glenn Beck kept promising a new kind of show starting this week. But it was awfully hard to tell the difference, at least judging from Monday's (1/11/10) show. There were the same old convoluted conspiracy theories about Obama trying to “fundamentally transform” this country into something unspeakably sinister and Marxist. And the underlying themes haven’t changed either: Progressives in general and Barack Obama, in particular, are the scourges of the earth. Beck’s monologues had the same preachy tone and were still full of distortions, designed to frighten and repulse viewers, rather than enlighten or inform them, while pretending to do the opposite. One new (at least to me) Beck target yesterday: Senator Tom Harkin who committed the sin of calling health care “an inalienable right of every single American citizen.” Beck was so upset at that statement that he called the clip of Harkin “the most shocking and horrifying video.” With video.

After his pronouncement about Harkin, Beck dug right into a familiar falsehood, claiming that both FDR and Obama advisor Cass Sunstein wanted to amend the Constitution to ensure that the otherwise unconstitutional health care reform would become constitutional.

“They don’t think you know enough about our country or our Constitution or the laws” Beck said laughably, right after he, himself, had misinterpreted American history.

“It’s all about putting the foundation for a single payer, universal health care plan in place! Then you add the additions when the rest of us aren’t paying any attention,” Beck continued with overt disdain.

I’m sure that Beck has no worries about getting adequate health care for himself or his family. But having gotten his, it’s not just a horrific thought that maybe the rest of us should, too, it’s ungodly. “For (Democrats), it’s about creating non-existent rights,” he said. He orated that “only one individual” can create rights and he once again read from the Declaration of Independence, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and unalienable Rights.” As I previously posted, the Declaration does not say, as Beck keeps insisting, that Creator is the only endower of rights, nor does it say that the only rights of Americans are those set forth in the Declaration. In fact, it specifically states that among those unalienable rights are “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

“Only the Creator can create rights,” Beck said, claiming that he got that from the Declaration of Independence. He never cited a single legal reference or Supreme Court decision or even the Constitution. “Our rights do not come from and cannot be created by Congress,” Beck preached.

Of course, Harkin was not saying either he or Congress were creating new rights. If asked, which Beck never did, I’m sure Harkin and any other advocate of health care as a right would say that the right is covered under “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” To Beck, apparently, “liberty” means the “freedom” to live without medical care. And, of course, the freedom of Beck to live without having to cough up any of his large stash for someone else’s health care.

Before he moved on to some gratuitous attacks on Barack Obama, with the same audio clip that Beck has previously used to give the false impression Obama wants to subvert the Constitution, Beck said that calling health care “a right” is tyrannical. “Why? Because if they can create rights, they can surely take them away. Our rights come from God, not this or any other Congress… These progressives in both parties are absolutely out of control.”

“(The founding fathers) believed in self-actualization,” Beck continued sermonizing. “That government needed to get the hell away from the people and provide them with maximum freedom to succeed or fail on their own merit. It was always about merit, not provide them with every little thing that they needed or wanted.”

Apparently, Beck thinks he’s got that “little thing” called health care because he deserves it. Those wretches without don’t. Maybe they should just pray for it and thank God they've got the freedom to get sick and die.