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Fox News Goes To Bat For GOP Candidate In MA Senate Race

Reported by Ellen - January 12, 2010 -

Republican senate candidate Scott Brown got not one but two bits of prime time campaign assistance on Fox News last night (1/11/10). First, Fox News contributor Dick Morris made a blatant fundraising pitch, while he was a guest on Hannity. In the next hour, Greta Van Susteren conducted a lap dog interview with Brown on On The Record. Today, Brown was back on Fox, this time on America's Newsroom. With video.

On Hannity last night, Morris told an approving Sean Hannity, "I have a whole column (on my website, which he named) about what you can do to help elect Brown. Because if we win this fight, then there'll never be another victory for Obama... Boy, if we could pull this one out... (Hannity interjected, "I agree") so please, please help."

As a banner on the screen ironically read, "Gloves off in Massachusetts as Senate race heats up this week," Van Susteren put the kid gloves on. Referring to independent voters, Van Susteren said, "I assume those people you're going at heavy and hard." She sat silent as Brown gave what was obviously part of his canned speech, accusing his opponent of being "scary" on terrorism. "This (election's) a big one," Van Susteren commented by way of changing the subject. She went on to ask the inane question, "Where do you agree (with your opponent?" without offering any independent analysis, so that that became another launch pad for Brown's talking points. She also asked, "What did you think of (Ted Kennedy)?"

Media Matters noted that Van Susteren allowed Brown to falsely suggest health reform will limit mammograms and cervical cancer screenings.

Brown also appeared on Hannity last week.

Videos via Media Matters.