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Brit Hume Has Faint Praise For Sarah Palin As Fox News Contributor

Reported by Ellen - January 12, 2010 -

On O’Reilly last night (1/11/10), Brit Hume sounded less than bowled over by the prospect of having Sarah Palin as a colleague on the Fox News team. Bill O’Reilly called it “a smart move for the governor,” without adding that he thought it was a smart move for Fox News. Hume replied, “Well, she’ll certainly uh, is somebody that our audience, uh, will be interested in. The whole country is interested in her. The fascination with her, the preoccupation with her is something to behold and it has endured, you know, long past the end of the campaign and still endures to this day. So she will certainly be an asset to the Fox News Channel in the sense of attracting an audience and, you know, it will give her a forum where she can say what she thinks. And it will give her a chance to perhaps polish her articulation of issues.” With video.

Hume and O’Reilly agreed that Palin has a big political future. Hume noted that Palin is a “tremendous draw” and “a great fundraiser.” But, Hume added, “If she wants to get beyond that, though, and appeal to a broader electorate, I think the electorate will need to be reassured by her on a number of counts.” He said that because she’s from outside Washington and has “proved occasionally to be out of touch with issues to some extent,” she will need to be “really conversant with a great many national and international issues.”

“She can do that here,” O’Reilly interjected, suggesting that the whole gig is a stepping stone to groom Palin for the presidency.

Assuming she doesn’t quit.

The discussion about Sarah Palin begins at about the 3:45 mark in the video below.