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Beck Continues His Obsession About Being Named Misinformer Of 2009 On O’Reilly Factor… And About Crashing Katie Couric’s New Year’s Eve Party

Reported by Ellen - January 9, 2010 -

As if four days of “I’m Not A Misinformer” were not enough, Glenn Beck visited The O’Reilly Factor last night (1/8/10) to obsess a little more about the awful progressives who have challenged his hate mongering. And while he was at it, Beck also continued his obsession about not being invited to Katie Couric’s New Year’s Eve Party and his thoughts of crashing it. Fortunately, he spared the O’Reilly audience members his joke about taking laxatives and eating chili beforehand. With video.

Bill O’Reilly noted Beck’s odd obsession at the start of the segment by remarking how much time Beck was spending “correcting misinformation brought about by your critics.” O’Reilly added, “And I’m wondering, why bother?”

Beck claimed he was doing it, “Because I think it’s really important to set the record straight.” But he also admitted that he has an ulterior desire to strike at progressives. “The progressive movement is really what I’m targeting. It’s anti-Constitutional.”

O’Reilly suggested it was "Media Matters people, these people” that Beck was after. (I’m not sure whom O’Reilly meant by “these people,” but I so hope it was us. It’s time we got some of the smears Media Matters has gotten!)

After Beck sidestepped naming names, O’Reilly said he formerly railed against his attackers “for a number of years” but stopped because “unless it’s really an egregious thing, I just ignore their – they’re bugs to me.” Ouch!

“Oh, no, no, no,” Beck claimed. “I could care less about what they say." (Right! That’s why he ignored the underwear bomber all week in order to spend four days justifying himself.

After O’Reilly corrected him (Beck should have said “couldn’t care less”) Beck said, “The reason why I did it this week is to A) show that that is just to distract you from what the real fact is and B) to show the pattern.”

Apparently, I’m not the only who finds Beck’s conspiracy theories barely comprehensible. O’Reilly asked, “What pattern is it again?”

Beck said, “The pattern is, here somebody speaks the truth. They try to destroy them and then they do what that person was telling… I’m trying to discredit the discreditors as a distraction because that’s important.”

Beck continued, “Once the American people realize, ‘Oh, my gosh, none of that is true from these sources then…’” His voice trailed off. I imagined him imagining a world where his liberal critics would no longer haunt him.

O’Reilly said he thinks Americans already realize it. “And I’ll tell you why: The left-wing radio outlets? Down the drain. Left-wing television? … Down the drain. … There really isn’t anybody, even guys like Stewart and Colbert? They only get a million viewers a night. It’s over for them. They have no outlets.”

Funny, he didn’t say anything about the internet.

“I agree with you,” Beck said. Which is probably about as genuine as his frog-boiling stunt.

Then he talked about his fantasy of crashing Katie Couric’s New Year’s Eve party.