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Another Stupid Fox Nation Headline Says MA Democrats “Nervous” About Tea Party Candidate

Reported by Priscilla - January 8, 2010 -

Gotta love those Fox Nation headlines which have nothing to do with the substance of the article.Yesterday, the Fox Nation headline, “Childish Rant From Interior Secretary” insinuated that Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, was out of control despite the fact that nothing in the linked article substantiated that. Today we have a lede, “Tea Party Senate Candidate Making Dems Nervous In MA.” Oh really? The article, from the conservative “Canada Free Press,” isn’t really an article at all – but, rather, a press release from the Chief Strategist of the Tea Party Express which endorses the senate candidacy of Republican Scott Brown for the seat vacated by the late Senator Ted Kennedy. In addition to the endorsement, there is a request for money for Brown’s candidacy which promises to stop “socialist health care.” So there is nothing remotely connected to MA Democrats being “nervous” except “polls” which show the race between Brown and MA Attorney General Martha Coakley tightening to 9 points. But hey, in Fox Nation wishes become reality and when reality bites, ya just make it up.