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Michelle Malkin Complains That TSA Body Scanners Will Not Engage In Enough Racial Profiling

Reported by Ellen - January 7, 2010 -

Michelle Malkin appeared on Hannity last night (1/6/10) to discuss the use of body scans by the Transportation Security Agency. Malkin seemed not to have any objection to their use per se. But she complained that they will not be trustworthy because she can’t count on the TSA to engage in what she considered an adequate amount of racial profiling. With video.

Malkin groused that she can’t trust the full body scans because she can’t trust the TSA’s effectiveness. Why? Because “The very DNA of the TSA is encoded with political correctness.” We know what that’s code for: Not willing to be racially or ethnically biased. And if there’s one thing that enthuses Malkin, we know it’s ethnic profiling.

Ms. “I love prejudice!” Malkin said she agreed with President Obama on some of his recent anti-terrorism measures. It was not hard to guess which one: his order for extra screening of citizens from 14 countries “of interest” or “state sponsors of terrorism.” But Malkin declared she “knew” that would not last because the Obama administration just can’t be relied upon for a decent amount of ethnic bias. “We know all of (Obama’s) progressive friends on the left are going to, to abolish that, protest. We have Eric Holder who is a friend of all these left wing groups who have undermined our security for so long.” Malkin gave her lip an extra curl with that smear. She never offered a single piece of evidence to back up that outrageous claim, nor did Hannity ask for any. And it’s funny, but when I look through Malkin’s bio, she seems to have left out any national security or military experience.

But that didn’t stop her from playing otherwise on TV. “All of the rest of us will be massively inconvenienced in order to somehow make us all feel better while they refuse to do the kind of profiling that we do need here at home and abroad.”

Malkin later added, “I’m not knee-jerk opposed to these kind of scanning measures if they’re administered by people who know how to do them and who are willing to take the steps to discriminate (my emphasis). Yes, it’s not a bad word to do that in order to preserve our national security.”

Of course, the former security chief of Israel's El Al airlines has a different opinion about racial profiling but La Chickenhawk Malkin, with her race-based obsessions, must know better.

You can contact Malkin at writemalkin@gmail.com or Hannity at Hannity@foxnews.com or Fox News at yourcomments@foxnews.com.