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Glenn Beck Hate Mongering Of The Day: Dodd Retiring Because “There Are A Few Bars I Haven’t Hit In Connecticut"

Reported by Ellen - January 7, 2010 -

Glenn Beck was full of malicious glee yesterday (1/6/10) over the decision by Senator Chris Dodd not to run for re-election. But he took it a step further by smearing Dodd and “acting out” that decision, saying, “There are a few bars I haven’t hit in Connecticut… I haven’t visited all of them yet. I’m going to step aside and let somebody else have a shot. Oooh, shot! I’ll have a double.” Beck then tempered that by saying, “Surely, Christopher Dodd is not going bar hopping any more. And neither am I. But come on.” Regardless of whether Christopher Dodd is an active alcoholic or in AA, Beck, who claims to be in recovery, himself, had just broken a cardinal rule of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is to respect and maintain the anonymity of other alcoholics. With video.

In the very next segment, Beck seemed to have completely forgotten his own behavior as he lectured his audience, “When people call other people names without any evidence, you know they’re in real trouble. They’ve got nothing left. They got the last bullet in their gun. These guys are about to shoot it. And they’re going to lose when they do. Mark my words. It’s coming.”

Did Beck offer any evidence about Dodd’s drinking? I must have missed it.