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Ann Coulter Talks Anus Bombs And Foreskins

Reported by Priscilla - January 7, 2010 -

It must be the end of days. Bring on the “rapture” because Ann Coulter and the ACLU are on the same page regarding airport body scans. Like the ACLU, she’s concerned about the intrusiveness of the process; but her concerns go even further than civil liberties. On Tuesday night’s “The Factor” Coulter discussed the issue with Bill O’Reilly. Girlfriend must be into some – ah – serious spy porno because she talked about how foreskins and anuses could be turned into weapons of mass destruction. Oh, don’t you love when Ann talks dirty.

Coulter feels that body scans are warrantless searches. She doesn’t want to be body scanned because “Your naked body will show up in page six.” (Would tabloids really be interested in Coulter’s scan? My first thought would be ewww; but then again it might be interesting….). Ann the comedienne worked in a “joke” about how “Females do object to this a lot more than males, particularly the ones with the better figures, worried about Bill Clinton signing up for a civil service job.” (Forget Bill Clinton, how about Bill O’Reilly!) After O’Reilly said that if a person were hiding a bomb in their underwear it would show up on the scan, Coulter got all down and dirty. She said “It was spread throughout the diaper. Unless the bomb is inserted under the foreskin, and by the way, I don’t see a clear angle on the anus. That’s a pretty easy hiding place for this.” Bill, for once, had nothing to add to that and changed the subject to how she and the ACLU were in agreement. Not surprisingly, Bill and Coulter later put aside any concerns about civil liberties when they agreed that “profiling is the only solution” because everyone is now being subjected to the “torture” (O’Reilly’s description) of extra security. Coulter claimed that most of the folks in the special security line, at LAX, are blonde females. (Eww, Ann, did you get a patdown?). She then made the ridiculous and unsubstantiated claim that “they won’t throw out Mooooselims who are talking about killing infidels” because of “political correctness.” She continued with yet another bizarre and bigoted statement that the “only way that the naked body scans would help avert terrorist attacks on airplanes is if Mooooselims, who the ones who are most offended, if they suddenly decided to stop flying.” Bill actually sounded normal when he responded that there are ways for terrorists to get around security. Coulter “joked” that there is more to profiling than serving the Mooooselims bacon.” Bill said something needs to be done because of the long lines at airports.

Comments: Back when those concerned about civil liberties complained about Bush’s warrantless wiretapping and the more egregious aspects of the Patriot Act, they were told, to STFU because “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” So why does Coulter object to “naked” body scans. Whatcha hiding, Ann?