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Monica Crowley Channels Glenn Beck: Claims That Christmas Terror Attack Was Part Of Obama’s Radical Agenda For America

Reported by Ellen - January 6, 2010 -

On The O’Reilly Factor last night (1/5/10), Fox News’ Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes debated whether or not, as Bill O’Reilly put it, President Obama “responded to this underwear bomber as strong (sic) as he should have.” Rather than debate the issue, Crowley seemed to be auditioning for a spot on the Glenn Beck show. Instead of just blaming President Obama for the incident, as so many of her other Fox News colleagues have, she argued that the attack somehow fit into Obama's desire for the “radical remaking of America by shattering its very foundations.” With video.

“Here’s what I think,” Crowley told O’Reilly. “I think President Obama is a true believer. And what I mean by that is that he’s a disciple of Saul Alinsky… who is a radical, who believed in the radical remaking of America by shattering its very foundations. I believe that President Obama… has taken that to heart to the extent where over the last year we have seen him apologize for the United States relentlessly.”

As he was the night before, when Newt Gingrich argued that the Obama administration cared more about terrorists’ legal rights than the lives of Americans, O’Reilly was a voice of reason. “He can’t want Americans to be killed,” he challenged Crowley.

“How else do you explain his incredibly flaccid reactions to these kinds of attacks against the United States?” she countered.

Colmes did a decent job holding up his end. “This is a vicious smear,” he said, and pointed out that Obama has retained many security advisors from the Bush administration. “This idea that he has radicalized government or doesn’t want the best for this country is a vicious smear. Simply because you disagree with this president on policy or tone – he should not be smeared like that.”

Referring to the Gingrich discussion the night before, which had been predicated on O’Reilly asking Gingrich to explain Obama’s national security decisions, Crowley said, “The explanation is, the answer is, that ideology, for this president, trumps politics, it trumps re-election, it trumps all."

If Glenn Beck ever gets over his obsession over the Misinformer of the Year award, he's certain to pick up right where she left off.

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