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Newt Gingrich: Obama Administration Starts “Every Day With A Presumption That The Rights Of Terrorists Are More Important Than The Lives Of Americans”

Reported by Ellen - January 5, 2010 -

Newt Gingrich, who likes to boast about his devotion to the Constitution when it’s politically expedient, just as ostentatiously trampled on it on last night's (1/4/10) O'Reilly Factor when it was an obstacle in his path toward smearing the Obama administration and boosting his own terrorism credentials. But it wasn’t enough for the cheating chickenhawk to merely argue that he wants to abrogate the Constitution whenever the specter of terrorism looms. Instead, Gingrich went out of his way to attack as un-American those who want to uphold it under all circumstances. Unfortunately for Gingrich, that attempt fell flat. Host Bill O’Reilly refused to accept the theory that Obama administration officials care more about terrorists’ rights than American lives. With video.

At about 4:30 into their interview, Bill O’Reilly asked Gingrich to explain the Obama administration’s reasoning with regard to terrorism.

Gingrich replied, “I believe what you have is a group of people centered in the Justice Department and the Attorney General, whose law firms all gave pro bono support to terrorism. They start every day with a presumption that the rights of terrorists are more important than the lives of Americans.”

I really have to give props to O’Reilly here. He’s no fan of the Obama administration and he made it abundantly clear that he’s particularly no fan of their conduct in the so-called “war on terror.” But he quite vociferously pushed back on Gingrich’s naked attempts to slander the Justice Department in order to make political hay. “Why would anybody do that?” O’Reilly asked incredulously. Then, with great skepticism, he asked, “Do you really believe Eric Holder, the Attorney General, gets up every day and says, you know, ‘I’m more concerned with terrorists than I am with my own family? Protecting my own family?’ Come on. That’s impossible to believe.”

Gingrich, with his characteristic self-satisfied smirk, asked, “Why?”

“Why would any rational person want to give more protections to terrorists than their own family?” O’Reilly responded.

“You interjected the word ‘rational.’” Gingrich said, smug as ever.

O’Reilly countered, “You think he’s a nut? …I can’t believe a guy like Eric Holder puts the terrorists and their situation above his own family.”

You can contact Gingrich here and the O’Reilly show at oreilly@foxnews.com.