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Fox Nation Promotes Unsourced, Partisan,“Viral” Anti Obama/Anti Democrats Video

Reported by Priscilla - January 5, 2010 -

Gotta love the fairness and balance on that Murdoch owned internet sludge site, otherwise known as Fox Nation. Just when you thought that the level of right wing vitriol couldn’t get any lower, today we have the top lede which is a You Tube video that attacks Democratic politicians and President Obama. The Fox Nation lede is the title of the video “America Rising, An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians.” The actual thread has no back story, no attribution of who produced it, no nothing – just the video which has the Fox Nation denizens of the deep in a feeding frenzy. It’s partisan “journalism” at its best and its lowest. But what else is new for Fox Nation?

It’s all the standard right wing talking points with all the usual Democratic suspects featured as the visual. It’s accompanied by the usual driving and ominous apocalyptic music which fosters a feeling of fear. Its theme is that America is being betrayed by “we” who elected “you” – an assertion that is specious at best because those who are behind the video surely did not vote for Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. That they speak for those who supported Obama is laughable as those who supported Obama are not part of the teabagging philosophy behind this “open letter.”

After the “we regret electing you,” the video launches, sharply, to the right when the letter’s “scribes” assert that in 2010, “you will lose big.” Whoever they are claim that after their great victory, there will be no more taxes and no more spending which would, in reality, bring government to a halt. (Wonder if they consider the VA worthy of no more spending?) You know you’ve arrived in right wing lalaland when the words “no more socialism” appear after which there is a visual of the Obama logo with a hammer and sickle and quick flash of the yellow hammer and sickle on a red background. (Don’t these idiots know that socialism is not communism?) The language becomes more ominous “We tried to warn you; but you wouldn’t listen.” Quick shots of teabaggers flash across the screen with a truly lol shot of somebody with a pitchfork. And to show just how “diverse” these flash mobs are, there was a shot of right wing full mooner, Alan Keyes speaking to a very white looking group. The next statement amped up the threatening language with “so now you will pay.” The question “why” is answered with “freedom.” The words “you’re a threat” were followed with more visuals of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi followed by “to our economy, our health care, to our individual liberties.” (Where were these “patriots” when Bush was engaging in warrantless wiretapping?) This was followed by “bailouts” and “liberal policies” followed by “Tarp” and “The Stimulus” with the $ figures. To reinforce the message, “Tax,” “Spend,” and (ready for the really scary word) “Redistribute” followed. More pictures of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Barney Frank flashed by. The message was “We’re Broke” and “Now you want our health care.” A photo of Harry Reid, appearing to be “flipping the bird” was shown. “Backroom Deals” and “Bribes” were accompanied by photos of Senators Landrieu and Ben Nelson.

But then came the grande Howard Beale finale – “We’ve had enough, we’re taking our country back from radical leftists and liberals.” The threat was made even more clear with “we’re coming after you” and which was followed by photos of Obama, Senator Dodd, and some guys I didn’t recognize. The radical manifesto (move over Port Huron statement) finished with this “November 2010, America Rising.”

Comment: This is going viral in the whacky world of right wing alternate reality. There’s even talk that “Obamabots” are trying to take it off You Tube. But not to worry, Fox Nation has their back and one assumes that this anonymous video will be front and center, on Fox Nation, for the foreseeable future. No partisanship there, nosireee.