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Fox Nation Complains About "Liberal Glee" Over Limbaugh Hospitalization, Yet Repeatedly Allows Death Threats To Obama

Reported by Ellen - January 4, 2010 -

Fox Nation, the website that shows its love for America by regularly threatening President Obama's life and wishing for his and Nancy Pelosi's death is now complaining about "Liberal glee on display over Limbaugh hospitalization." I don't endorse glee over anyone's hospitalization or illness but it's more than a little hypocritical for Fox News to get on their high horse about it considering what goes on at their own site. Fox Nation: Where it's OK to wish death on Obama but you'd better treat Rush Limbaugh with respect. UPDATE: New death wishes for Obama, one in the guise of calling for civil war, have been posted on Fox Nation after their Limbaugh complaint. Screen grabs after the jump.

Hat tips to readers Mike and Jim: