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Doug Schoen The Fox News Democratic Wanker Of The Decade

Reported by Ellen - January 2, 2010 -

I previously wrote about what a Democratic wanker Doug Schoen is. But for his jaw-dropping appearance on Hannity on 12/18/09, in which he enthusiastically joined every single Republican talking point and failed to rebut the smears leveled at what was supposed to be his own side, Schoen has taken the cake for Democratic Wankers. And it's a distinction for which he had plenty of competition. Of course, the decade has one more year. So it's quite possible someone could come along and reclaim the prize. With video.

Schoen appeared on the “Great American Panel” segment of Hannity (Priscilla has posted about a different aspect of that panel) with Andrew “I plan to blackmail President Obama” Breitbart and Diana Falzone, from Foxnews.com. So it’s safe to conclude Schoen knew he was going to be the only possible advocate for Democrats there and that he'd be going against at least two strong anti-Democratic voices. But those odds only seemed to stimulate Schoen to join the anti-Democratic club.

Schoen started by giving props to Andrew Breitbart for his anti-ACORN videos. Schoen did not think it worth mentioning that an independent report commissioned by ACORN found that it had not broken any laws. Nor did Schoen mention that there are serious questions about the editing of at least some of the videos, that exculpatory material had been edited out of them and that Breitbart has yet to release the unedited videos. Since Schoen’s appearance, ACORN was exonerated by the Congressional Research Service of all legal wrongdoing, but there’s no reason to think he would have mentioned that, either. Instead, Schoen exclaimed with gusto that the undercover videos, made by conservative activists with their own issues regarding truth, are “changing the face of politics… because what people are learning is that they can’t get away with the kind of outrageous behavior that has been part of politics as usual.” Well, unless you’re a conservative with an axe to grind on Fox News.

“So it’s a real service,” Schoen concluded.

“There’s a new era of citizenship,” Breitbart said, as he boasted about his efforts. “If you want to be a good American, then pay attention to what’s going on around you, and if you see corruption, report it.” This, from the guy who is trying to blackmail the Obama administration into holding hearings into ACORN by threatening to release more videos during the 2010 election cycle.

Falzone said we do have to take citizen journalism with “a grain of salt” before quickly adding that she trusts “where Andrew’s coming from.”

Schoen jumped in again, this time to say that “Political leaders, themselves, of both parties, are becoming increasingly irrelevant and the citizen, whether it be a former elected official like Governor Palin or an ordinary Tea Party activist can change the face of our country and our politics.” Funny how Schoen could not seem to think of a single progressive or Democrat like, say, Barack Obama, who famously harnessed new media as part of his successful election strategy.

Next, after Breitbart went on a tear against the so-called liberal media, Schoen took a gratuitous slap at the Obama administration for criticizing Fox News as an arm of the GOP. “Given the extraordinary audience that you (Hannity) command, that Fox News commands, it’s not acceptable or rational to sort of say ‘This isn’t journalism or news,’ as the White House has said. It’s just bad judgment.”

Hannity moved the discussion away from journalism to his favorite topic of all time, bashing Democrats. “Where are the moderate Democrats?” he asked Schoen, leading, as anyone who has spent five minutes watching Hannity has grown to expect, to a suggestion that all Democrats are radicals.

But Schoen was eager to go along with that meme, too. “Most retiring,” he said, to Hannity’s obvious approval. Schoen continued with even more pleasing-to-Hannity talk, suggesting that there are no moderate, straight-talking Democrats: “People want truth telling and they want straight talk. They don’t want political dissembling… You had a guy on last night, Congressional candidate from Florida (Republican Allen West). His message had gone viral and he was extremely compelling, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, and you know what? You didn’t hear anything partisan out of his mouth. That’s what the American people are looking for from both parties. They’re not getting it.”

Breitbart picked up that thread for a little more Democrat bashing. “When a person comes out and disagrees with the Democratic Party on a single issue, whether it be on the war on Iraq or on health care, the new media on the left, whether it be Media Matters, the Huffington Post, Firedoglake, will go after those people with a very coordinated, well-funded effort to destroy that person.”

First of all, it’s more than a little bit of an exaggeration to say that there’s a “very coordinated, well-funded effort to destroy” anyone who disagrees with the Democratic Party. If there is, that’s the first I’ve heard about it and I’ve got contacts at most of those sites. But if it’s true, where’s the big effort to destroy Bart Stupak? Ben Nelson? Also, if anyone is in a position to know that that's untrue, it would be Doug Schoen, who supposedly is a working Democratic operative. Second, it’s more than a little hypocritical of the thin-skinned Breitbart (who is obsessed with Media Matters) to accuse Democrats of the exact behavior Republicans engage in regularly. Tea Partiers are accusing Olympia Snowe of treason. Anyone remember Dede Scozzafava?

Obviously, Schoen did not. Instead, he added, “That was the worst,” when Breitbart brought up Firedoglake’s attempt to have Joe Lieberman’s wife removed from a cancer research foundation because of her ties to the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Somehow, Schoen conveniently forgot the numerous slurs against Michelle Obama made right there on the Fox News Channel, including, as I documented in an earlier post, Fox News contributor Juan Williams saying “She's got the Stokely Carmichael in a designer dress thing going. ...Her instinct is to start with this 'Blame America,' you know, 'I'm the victim.'” Also, in a segment in which, Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle sneered about Obama's "yoga arms," Hannity and another guest, regular S.E. Cupp, complained that Obama was not grateful enough to America for her position.

“It doesn’t get any lower than that,” Hannity said.

I doubt anyone wouldl be surprised to know that Schoen readily agreed.