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Fox Nation Still Carrying Bogus Breitbart Report

Reported by Priscilla - January 1, 2010 -

When we last encountered an Andrew Breitbart link, on the internet sewage plant otherwise known as Fox Nation, he was fomenting more hatred and fear of Obama with his story about a scary Warhol Mao and a scary drag queen ornament on the White House Christmas tree. But Andy’s back on Fox Nation with another article about a scary (read African American) ACORN personality. Thing is, though, that his article is totally bogus. But never letting bogusity (my new word for 2010) get in the way of juicy racist red meat, which gets those Fox Nation residents salivating, Fox Nation is still running with it as a lede: ACORN CEO Visited White House Week Before Scandal Broke.” The “Nation” has posted 284 comments full of the usual Obama hatred and perfunctory racism - Yum, Yum. Looks like Fox Nation will be treating us, in 2010, to the same old, same old prolefeed that was its hallmark in 2009.

Fox Nation still has Andy’s article, “White House Visitor’s Log: ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis in Obama Residence Week Before Sting Videos Launched.” The article claims that, in the release of visitor’s records to the White House, the name “Bertha Lewis” came up. Never one to waste an opportunity to smear Obama, Andy immediately came to the conclusion that this was the same Bertha Lewis who is head of a group which is the focus of racist, right wing scapegoating for all the ills of our society. And as Obama is connected to ACORN, he is equally guilty of whatever transgressions which the racist, radical right accuse ACORN of – ergo, any smear of ACORN is a smear of Obama too. So enter Andy with his article which provides a linkage of Obama to the nefarious ACORN – right there in the White House – oh, noooo…..!!!! In the article, Andy mentions that this “visit” was just 5 days before James O’Keefe released his “undercover journalism on the systemic corruption within ACORN.”

Comment: ROFLMAO. As noted by Politico’s Ben Smith, “An administration official tells me that, indeed, this is a different Bertha Lewis, an ordinary visitor who came in through the White House visitor's office. One clue: The ACORN official's middle initial, according to her New York voter registration record on Nexis, is "M." An ACORN spokesman says her middle name is "Mae.” Looks like Andy’s “journalism” is as dubious as big pimping daddy James O’Keefe. And one more thing about the “systemic corruption” of ACORN – “A Congressional Research Service report commissioned by the House Judiciary Committee says ACORN hasn’t violated any federal regulations the past five years.” (So “scandal?” – I don’t think so.) Andy didn’t mention that in his article which is still on Fox Nation. Let’s see if it gets corrected. I’m not holding my breath. Happy new year, Fox Nation. Hope you had a nice "white" Christmas. Keep on feeding your “readers” their daily dose of dreck. It just gives me lots of fun stuff to write about.

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