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Cavuto Fails To Tell Audience About Guest’s Shady Past

Reported by Ellen - January 1, 2010 -

Patrick Byrne, the CEO of Overstock.com, has been showing up fairly often on Your World with Neil Cavuto lately to criticize discuss the Obama administration’s economic policies. But just as often, Cavuto has failed to tell the “we report, you decide” network’s audience about Byrne’s unsavory record which includes an S.E.C. investigation into his company and bizarre behavior that makes Nixon pale in comparison. Update: Glenn Beck also hosted Byrne without telling viewers about his background.

Currently, Overstock is under investigation by federal regulators and, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, subsequently “raised eyebrows in November when it filed an unreviewed third quarter financial statement.” Furthermore, quite a few respectable business writers think Byrne is mentally unhinged, especially regarding his pretexting shenanigans on Facebook to get back at his enemies. Oh, and did I mention he also got in hot water for some remarks about minorities that caused the NAACP to demand an apology? Journalist Gary Weiss has blogged extensively about Byrne’s less than exemplary doings.

Perhaps there is another side to him. But that’s no excuse for Cavuto to present Byrne as an unblemished authority on business. Especially not on a network that brags about its fairness and balance. Or do they only want "fairness" for their friends and to hell with their audience?

You can watch a video of Byrne on Your World on 11/2/09 here, read a transcript of his 11/12/09 appearance here and read a transcript of his 12/2/09 appearance here.