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Brent “Giggles” Bozell Returns To Fox & Friends For More Hilarious Personal Attacks

Reported by Priscilla - December 31, 2009 -

Brent Bozell’s Monday appearance, on Fox & Friends, was obviously such a smashing success that he returned yesterday for yet another laugh filled segment relating to his media “awards" for librul partisanship in media. (Oh, the irony!) It was more of the same knee slapping hilarity over more of Bozell’s examples of “bad reporting” by the librul media. It was more of the same hypocrisy and double standard – but what else is new for Fox News and Brent Bozell whose idea of a fun time is ferreting out examples of librul bias in even (as you shall see) the most obscure quarters. And it was funny (in the ironic sense) that, for the second time this week, when Bozell was introduced as the “Founder and President of the Media Research Center” the adjective “conservative” did not modify “Media Research Center.” Brent’s loving liasons (but in a chaste and heterosexual way) over at his other site, “Newsbusters” (who also ferret out examples of evil librul bias), get their nice, white panties in a bunch when librul media interviewers don’t identify their guest’s evil librul connections. But memo to Brent: Don’t quit your day job for stand up comedy cuz you’re really not funny – even though your friends at Fox think so!

Alysin Camerota played the Bill Weir quotes which reflected on the celebratory mood at Barack Obama’s inauguration – a celebratory mood because the 8 years of George Bush were over and because America had elected its first African American president – something that the white, right wing establishment (Bozell and Fox News) still can’t accept. Bozell’s first award, “The political IQ award,” was given to actor and comedian Dennis Leary (read – not a media person – d’uhhh). Bozell said that this is why we shouldn’t pay attention to people from Hollywood (Chuck Norris exempted). Leary’s “sin” was that he told Joy Behar (one of those sassy libruls women whom the good boys at Newsbusters really hate) that he liked President Obama and SCOTUS Judge Sonia Sotomayor. (Another woman reviled by the white, right wing) Gotta love that right wing double standard which allows “Hollywood” types like Elizabeth Hasslebeck to profess her admiration and campaign for Sarah Palin yet is critical of Dennis Leary. But lots of giggles from Bozell and crew on that one. The next award was the “let us fluff your pillow award” for “soft ball interviews” given to Katie Couric (Bozell and the boys still haven’t forgiven Couric for her treatment of St. Sarah). He asked what they would think if somebody gave that kind of an interview to Dick Cheney. (Sean Hannity came to mind!) Couric’s “sin” was asking Obama if his confidence was ever shaken. Brent was laughing so hard when he was asked about his “Barry’s big brain” award he found it hard to describe. He then played a quote of ABC’s Terry Moran saying that Obama had to “step down” into the Oval Office after having been the leader of a “giant movement.” Bozell worked in the perfunctory right wing smear of Obama when he shouted “Earth to Terry Moran of ABC News. This man was a community organizer and according to ABC News, it’s a step down from that to the leader of the free world…” He added, “This man was doing LSD before going on the air that night” Brent then got to wish his wife and son a happy birthday.

Comment: Once again, the hypocrisy of Brent Bozell, chiding the “liberal” media for bias, on Fox News, is astounding. It should be noted that Bozell was being very disingenuous if not a liar when he tried to convey the impression that ABC’s Terry Moran made his comment on ABC. The “air” he was referring to was, as described on Bozell’s blog, Media Bistro's "Morning Media Menu" podcast – a podcast folks, not a national “news” network which spews right wing partisan crap on a daily basis. Let me repeat – a podcast. And if Bozell thinks that Couric’s interview was “softball,” he never saw Fox’s Brent Baier’s sycophantic “knee pad award” winning suck up interview of George Bush titled “George Bush, Fighting to the Finish” in which Baier asked Bush if his “faith was ever shaken” and "You've been a wartime president longer than Lincoln was, how do you think you have done?"

Bozell’s two Fox & Friends appearances qualify him for the Bozo The Clown award for partisan media inanity – an award that also goes to Fox & Friends.

I’ve included Baier’s interview if you want to watch some softball.