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Alan Colmes Pwns Andrea Tantaros Over Terrorism Smears

Reported by Ellen - December 31, 2009 -

A few days ago, I wrote that most Democrats on Fox News don't understand that Fox News has brought them on to play a role in a political theater, as opposed to a substantive debate. It's Punch and Judy, not 60 Minutes, with the Democrats nearly always playing the foil. But on Tuesday, 12/29/09, Alan Colmes, who probably knows better than any other Democrat at Fox how the game is played, turned the tables on this particular "Use The Christmas Terror Attack To Smear The Obama Administration" segment. With video.

Colmes did every single thing all self-respecting Democrats should do on Fox News: He did not allow the other side to frame the debate, but immediately went on offense; he did not sit silently and politely wait his turn as his opponent, in this case the Democrat-hating, conspiracy theorist Andrea Tantaros, offered up outrageous smears and tried to change the subject. Instead he immediately called her out at his first opportunity. He also wasted no time smacking down the despicable tactics of using a terrorism attack to accuse Obama of, basically, not caring about protecting the country. Oh, and Colmes had his facts at hand, too. The result was that both Tantaros and substitute host Eric Bolling were set back on their heels.

It was a textbook case of how all Democrats should handle an appearance on Fox News. But, sadly, they probably won't and I'm not just talking about the ones who work there.

But we can hope. And that's as good a place as any for News Hounds to ring out 2009.

You can give props to Colmes via his radio show at alancolmesradio@foxnews.com. You can contact the O'Reilly Factor show at oreilly@foxnews.com or Fox News at yourcomments@foxnews.com.

Video via Crooks and Liars.