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Brent Bozell Gets All Giggly On Fox & Friends

Reported by Priscilla - December 30, 2009 -

Brent Bozell, a Fox fave, is the nephew of the late William F. Buckley. Unlike his famous conservative relative, who was quite cosmopolitan and who loved an intellectual debate, Bozell is a right wing scold who, as head of the right wing “Media Research Center,” is devoted to issues like attacking Fox Entertainment’s “The Family Guy” as being corrosive to the American way of life. Being a good Christian conservative, Bozell also has a problem with “teh gay” and is upset that gays, in cartoons, are being portrayed in sympathetic and non stereotypical ways. So it’s not a surprise that Bozell's hirsute face and nasal toned inflections (unlike his uncle’s basso profundo) frequently make an appearance on Fox – a “news” organization whose political views make Bozell a fellow traveler. Earlier this week, Bozell appeared on Fox & Friends where he presented his “worst media quotes of 2009” – which, considering the vile trash that was spewed by right wing media personalities, is just more of the same old, same old hypocrisy. But Bozell was pretty proud of his list and perhaps that’s why he was all shits and giggles.

Peter Johnson and “friends, Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade, and former Maxim model Courtney Friel (showing those shapely gams and just a tease of cleavage) were giggling as Johnson introduced Bozell. He cited how 2009 has been the year of Barack Obama and “it hasn’t been without it’s share of whacky commentary from the liberal left.” Bozell was looking pretty smug as Kilmeade introduced him. More lol’ing as Kilmeade joked about what a “tough job” it was “putting itself all together.” Bozell’s first award, “Media Hero,” was given to Katie Couric a news anchor who “insists that she’s objective and fair” (ROFLMAO, just like Fox News!!!!) Couric’s introduction of Al Gore was played in which she described Gore as “the godfather of green and the king of conservation.” The group giggled when Johnson said he thought she was introducing James Brown. Friel actually made a valid point when she said the writers sometimes do the intros. The “coronation of the messiah award” went to ABC’s Bill Weir whose commentary, during the inauguration of, as Bozell described it, “the messiah” (No bias there, nosireee) earned him the accolade. Weir committed the sin of saying, while looking out at the early morning crowd at the National Mall, that “there are so many people, shivering so long with such joy.” Later, while a shot of the huge crowd on the mall was shown, Weir spoke metaphorically when he said “even the seagulls above must be awed by the sea of humanity." Poor Bozell was upset that nobody from the networks would have said the same thing about George Bush. (Right, Brent, nobody was that excited by Bush and that’s why he didn’t draw the kind of huge, diverse crowd that Obama did – D’uhhhh!!) So much giggling after this that Bozell needed to take a breath.

But the real hypocrisy kicked in with the “damn those conservatives” award for MSNBC’s Ed Schultz. Prior to playing the video, Bozell said “just try to imagine a conservative saying what you are about to hear.” Video of Schultz saying that Republicans want you to die was played. I didn’t need to “imagine” conservatives talking about “death panels” and “pulling the plug on grandma.” Bozell just couldn’t contain himself for “the audacity of dope” award given to Newsweek’s Evan Thomas who committed the most grievous sin of saying that America is no longer as provincial as it was during the Reagan years. Thomas, speaking metaphorically, said that Obama was a kind of “god” who was attempting to bring all different sides together. Lots more guffaws as Brent took a bow. What a hoot – Bozell with his degree from the University of Dallas (not a Yale man like his educated uncle) and “Media Research Center” head making fun of Harvard educated author and journalist Thomas, who also has a law degree from the University of Virginia.

Beyond the inanity of this “journalistic” masturbatory exercise, with its accompanying howls of conservative laughter, the sheer hypocrisy of it all is jaw dropping. While Bozell chortles over what he perceives as “biased” commentary from the MSM, he obviously has no problem with the constant right wing vitriol and lies spewed by those at the “fair and balanced” network. Was Schultz’s comment any worse than Glenn Beck’s assertion that President Obama is a racist or Bill O’Reilly’s continued description of Dr. Tiller as a “killer” even after Tiller’s death? But then Bozell is a conservative Christian, so Sean Hannity’s deceitful attack on Kevin Jennings must not be an issue. Did Bozell giggle when Beck called Senator Mary Landrieu a prostitute? Perhaps Bozell laughs uproariously when Glenn Beck presents his skewed views of history based on the ravings of a John Bircher. (I would like to think that Bozell’s educated, conservative uncle would be appalled; although Fox fans would probably consider him an eastern “elitist” if he were still alive). Media Matters has a compilation of 2009 right wing quotes deserving of “merit.” But the thing is – they’re not funny. They are a reflection of how “conservatives” want to sow hatred and lies in order to further divide America – hatred and lies reinforced by Brent Bozell and Fox News.