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Fox & Friends Interview Student Who Wants Sean Hannity’s Climate Change Views Taught In School!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - December 29, 2009 -

American conservatives don’t believe in man made global warming. Whether they represent polluting industries or anti-science Christian fundamentalists, they share a disdain for those who say that our planet is in peril – particularly Al Gore. As the mouthpiece for the right wing, Fox News never wastes an opportunity to diss global warming – particularly if they can get in a jab at Al Gore. Today, Fox & Friends scored a “double hit” in that the science of climate change and Al Gore were bashed by a student who wants “both sides” of global warming presented at her school. There was rich irony when the “Friends” said that she wants her curriculum to be “fair and balanced.” And while the reading of a rebutting statement, from her school, might indicate that Fox & Friends was being “fair and balanced,” their use of the classic Fox & Friends biased chyrons showed that it was anything but. More rich irony in the title of the video: “Balanced Curriculum.”

First up on the docket was a short clip of Al Gore explaining, in “Inconvenient Truth,” how the atmosphere is affected by pollutants. (D’uhhh). The chyron was the trademark Fox “Cavuto Mark” – Fox fact posed as question – “An Inconvenient Bias? Student Demands Both Sides On Issue.” Fox’s Peter Johnson, Jr., who recently said that Senator Ben Johnson (vis-à-vis health care reform) “realizes that the true meaning of Christmas is you don’t destroy babies” (how’s that abortion “compromise” working out for you, Pete?), said that a Rhinebeck NY student claims that “the other side of the story is being ignored.” Alysin Camerota added that “she wants her lesson plans to be fair and balanced.” (ROFLMAO!) As Michelle Dewkett began to speak more “fair and balanced” chyrons – “Student Slams School District, Was Al Gore’s Film Presented As Fact?” and “School District Slammed For Bias, Student Claims Issues Not Treated Fairly.” (Notice how “slam” was used twice – even though it was one student). She noted that her teacher showed Gore's movie with no opposing views. As Johnson asked her about school policy, another biased Cavuto marked chyron appeared – “Political Bias In School District? Superintendent Responds To Fox & Friends.” Dewkett said that the school doesn’t adhere to its policy of “presenting both sides of an issue." (Perhaps both sides of the theory of electromagnetism or holocaust denial could be included in the curriculum!) Camerota read a comment from the school superintendent (who is probably getting death threats as we speak) which indicated that the issue will be reviewed. In response to Camerota’s question of what Dewkett would have liked to have heard in class, she responded that she wanted to hear that global warming is “a natural phenomona and has happened during millions of years and is not caused strictly by pollution and humans.” Johnson told her that she “seemed to be a person of courage and intelligence.” The chyron read “Michelle Dewkett Wants Equal Representation in HS Class.” Dewkett’s response to Camerota’s question of whether she “wanted to hear someone who echoes more of your value system,” was a spit out the coffee moment when Dewkett said “I would like to hear Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham.” (Yeah, that’s the ticket – a bunch of partisan, right wing, bloviating ideologues). Camerota said that Dewkett’s voice has now been heard internationally. Attorney Johnson, obviously trolling for new clients, asked her to call him if she “gets in trouble.”

Comment: No comment. It speaks for itself. Talk to me.