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Commemorating Deborah Yesner

Reported by Ellen - December 29, 2009 -

As expected, Deborah Yesner, one of the original News Hounds and our dear friend, passed away on December 22, after a long, difficult battle with a brain aneurysm and subsequent complications. In lieu of flowers or cards, her family has requested donations to News Hounds, which was Deborah's passion the last several years of her life. Deb not only worked tirelessly on the blog, without any extra compensation, she was our anchor in many ways. Deborah's adult daughter was kind enough to write up a bio of her mother for Robert Greenwald. We've taken the liberty of reproducing it here, after the jump.

Deborah Yesner was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She got her associates degree in early childhood education, but her real passion was astrology and counseling others with her skill. She studied astrology independently and taught her self to be skillful in the craft. For 30 years she practiced as an astrologer counseling people from all over the country, while maintaining her day job running a furniture business with her husband Dennis. When the furniture business didn't work out she fell back on her teaching degree and worked as an assistant teacher with austistic and emotional disturbed children for almost 10 years. In that time she also discovered Outfoxed and got the chance of a lifetime to contribute to the important research for this film. It also led to the birth of the News Hounds blog that became her passion late in life. She would stay up to all hours of the night after she came home from work to make sure she got fresh posts up.

But late one night in October 2008 her husband found her unconsious and rushed her to the hospital where they told her family (she has one daughter, Alexis), that she had a bleed in the brain due to a ruptured anneurysm and that she would be medivacced to Jefferson Hospital where they specialize in brain injury. After a long night of surgery we were given some hope that things would work out. We worked long and hard in rehab and made it home, but she got an infection only a few months later and went back in the hospital. This was a catalyst for a host of other problems that kept mounting. Each time got worse because she was forced out of the hospital too early and put in a non-acute care facility where she was surrounded with geriatric patients and nurses who were not equipped to deal with brain injury. Every time, these stays would result in dehydration and serious infection until, finally, they had to put her on a ventilator for periods of time to help her breathe. One of these stays resulted in such a bad infection that her body was totally septic and she was moments from death, only to be brought back with an infection in the brain. This was the last straw and the doctors said there was nothing more we could do.

Our family is certain that with the proper care and rehab facilities my mother would still be with us, but the healthcare system is only here to profit rather than prevent illness. They would rather she were sent to the hospital 50 times than actually give her the means to get well in a stable environment or the means to stay at home with proper nursing care.

Please consider a donation in Deborah's name. We will use the money to help upgrade equipment, something Deborah struggled with. The funds will be earmarked for our newer regular bloggers who have put in countless under-compensated hours to keep the blog going in her absence.

This post was also signed by Melanie, chrish, Marie Therese, Judy, Nancy, Blogfather Jim, Priscilla, Eleanor, Donna and Janie. We'll always love you, Deb.

Update: Melanie wrote this lovely post about Deb.