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Panelist Calls Obama “A Stunning Liar” Who Is “Betraying The Constitution” Without Challenge From Host Neil Cavuto

Reported by Ellen - December 26, 2009 -

Co-authored by Brian

On last Saturday's (12/1909) Cavuto on Business, regular panelist Ben Stein called President Obama “a stunning liar” who is “betraying the Constitution.” Not only did host Neil Cavuto fail to challenge such an outrageous comment, he didn’t even ask Stein to clarify why he thought so. So much for “fair and balanced.” Again. With video.

Is Cavuto on Business a Fox News opinion show or a news show? The website suggests it’s a business news program. Yet week after week, each show in the so-called “Cost of Freedom” block is about as blatantly biased as you can get. This one started right off with a series of movie clips intended to mock Democrats’ “scare tactics” if health care reform doesn’t get passed.

“They won't work,” Charles Payne said. “They are scare tactics, and they’re also desperation tactics… He (President Obama) tried to borrow the Tea Party line about bankruptcy, but I don't think he understands where they're coming from with that."

There was not a single guest to speak on behalf of Obama or the Democrats.

Ben Stein channeled Glenn Beck. "We have abandoned Constitutional principles,” he said. He called the scare tactics “unconscionable” and added, “They're the biggest lie I think I've ever seen any President tell. The country will not go bankrupt if they don't pass that bill."

Cavuto let that remark go unchallenged. Later, Stein added to it by saying, "We have in this President not only a stunning liar, although he has some very good qualities, I’m saying, other than that, but also a man who is betraying the Constitution.”

Once again, Cavuto did not challenge Stein. He had made a very serious allegation but Cavuto did not even ask for particulars about how Obama is “betraying the Constitution.” Is it just a given on Fox News?

Actually, Cavuto did challenge Stein – for saying Obama “has some very good qualities.” Cavuto joked, "He (Stein) calls (Obama) a stunning liar, but not a bad guy."

"I know many liars who are nice guys," Stein said.

Was Stein thinking of his former boss, Richard Nixon?