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Fox & Friends Tout Mostly Republican Christmas Traditions . . . With 15 Seconds for the Obama White House Christmas

Reported by Julie - December 26, 2009 -

On Christmas Day, we were treated to Fox & Friends hosts Clayton Morris and Courtney Friel (decked out in a sleeveless green dress that looked like lingerie), whose guest was Jennifer Pickens, author of “Christmas at the White House.” Can't fault Ms. Pickens – she obviously has a passion for Christmas traditions at the White House through the years, and was well-spoken and clearly without a political agenda in describing them. But it's too bad that with a handsome couple as devoted to family as the Obamas, with two beautiful girls and a cute dog, in a 6+ minute segment Fox & Friends only had time for 15 seconds of the Obama White House Christmas. Why not a Bo-Cam? With video.

So, I imagine because Jackie Kennedy started the tradition, Pickens was allowed to lead off with the Kennedy's White House Christmas, despite the fact it was a Democratic White House. But enough already with the damn Democrats – Friel then prompted, “Maybe you can tell us about the [Republican] Nixons, and then the [Republican] Fords.”

Following Pickens' description, Morris again led Pickens to the right, saying, “And the [Republican God] Reagan Administration, they had a lot of great memories – in fact, walking through one of Nancy's favorite photos tied to the Christmas legacy with the Reagans, tell us about that.”

Pickens, again, obliged, but then, unprompted by either host, went on to volunteer some information about the Clinton Administration's traditions. Pickens then described First Lady Laura Bush's Christmas legacy, which was A-okay with the Fox & Friends hosts.

Morris added a little commentary of his own, saying, “And here we see Barney [the Bush dog] . . . President Obama, they started a new tradition, we have about 15 seconds here . . . .”

Pickens rushed through a quick recital of the Obamas' Blue Room, mentioned that the tree is “absolutely beautiful . . . it's a wonderful tradition, that Blue Room . . . .”

No follow-up commentary by either host. No questions about new traditions at the Obama White House. And, despite the endearing photos shown on the screen depicting the other presidencies' Christmases during the previous recitals, a stark picture of the tree, but no cute photos of the Obama family in front of it.

I guess we should be grateful they didn't just show a re-run of the Barney cam.