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Top Dog Christian Dorsey Does Another Terrific Job On Fox News

Reported by Guest Blogger - December 24, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

Our Top Dog, Christian Dorsey, of the Economic Policy Institute did another terrific job on Fox News, this time on Tuesday's (12/22/09) Your World. He debated guest host Charles Payne on health care, and whether or not President Obama broke his promise not to raise taxes on people making $250,000/yr. or less. Dorsey not only refused to be cowed or bullied, even though Payne repeatedly interrupted him, but he stuck to his own talking points, rather than going on defense over Fox News’ anti-Democratic framing. With video.

Dorsey said, "On net, middle class folks will be better off under his administration than not, and what he is doing with health care is providing that middle class folks will be better off… Folks are on average going to save $1100 under the Senate health care plan."

Payne insisted that Obama had broken his promise. "People are paying a lot more money, and are going to continue to pay a lot more money under his plans."

Dorsey said, "No, they’re going to pay a lot less under his plan. Any objective analysis shows that middle class Americans are going to spend less under Obama's health care reform than under the current system. There will be some fees and some increases associated with some of the things that you mentioned, but the savings that are going to be passed through to Americans are the result of covering uninsured Americans more than make up for the tax increases."

Payne responded, "I don't think that's what people thought they were buying into… You're taxing Americans, and this is exactly why people are starting to have second thoughts."

"With all due respect, Charles, if you could ask the American people whether they would be for a health care plan that 1) closed the gap in coverage for Medicare… the so called donut hole, 2) eliminated discrimination on pre-existing conditions, covers 94% of Americans, and reduced the deficit by $132 billion, and gave you a net tax decrease…"

Payne interrupted to say, "Nobody believes any of the things that you just said, OK? Polls have really turned against this plan dramatically. All of those sound bites, that’s exactly what I'm talking about… He's going against what he said he would."

"This is the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office that is responsible for telling us what these plans will actually do," Dorsey said. "And I’m not talking about what I’d like for these plans to be. This is what they are. They’re gonna cost Americans less and they’re gonna reduce the deficit over time."

Perhaps unable to counter with any figures of his own, Payne said, "No government plan has ever lived up to the lofty numbers that were tossed out there initially… Should we expect more promises to be broken?"

"Not at all." Dorsey reminded him, "The President has come close to an historic moment, doing what no President has been able to do… and that's bring real reform to America's health care system."

Christian Dorsey is a Top Dog again.