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Did I Blink And Miss Fox News' Report That ACORN Broke No Laws?

Reported by Ellen - December 23, 2009 -

I was home sick yesterday (and heart sick over Deborah) so I spent a greater-than-usual amount of time watching Fox News. And yet I never saw a discussion about yesterday's news that a Congressional Research Service report found that ACORN broke no federal laws in the last five years. But the CRS report did find that undercover "pimp and prostitute" James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles may have violated state laws. I mean, considering what big news O'Keefe and Giles videos have been on Fox, considering how Fox News pundits ceaselessly complain about the mainstream media not covering that story, how come Fox isn't making a big deal about this part of it?


I did find a few stories on Foxnews.com but I saw nothing on any of last night's big shows: Glenn Beck, O'Reilly Factor or Hannity. I also watched significant portions of Special Report and On The Record without seeing anything about this news.

Write to Fox News and ask them, "Where's the balance?" at yourcomments@foxnews.com.

12/23/09 UPDATE: I saw a brief report about this on The O'Reilly Factor tonight, though it mostly served as an intro for a repeat of Bill O'Reilly's interview with ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis.

UPDATE 2: This was discussed on Fox & Friends this morning. A post about that is forthcoming.