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Please Hold Our Deborah In Your Thoughts And Prayers

Reported by Ellen - December 22, 2009 -

I'd like to pause the blog for a while in honor of Deborah Yesner, a founding News Hound and my dear friend. As many of you know, Deb suffered a brain aneurysm about 14 months ago and has been quite ill ever since. I received some sad news from her family today that rather than perform yet another treatment (this time a spinal tap) that would save her life but not offer any real improvement, they have decided to let her pass peacefully. The tragic part is that her health insurance would never pay for the kind of long term care she needed. The result was that she'd go to the hospital with an infection or complication, get released once acute care was no longer needed, then go back to a nursing facility that could not adequately handle her case. Then she'd develop some other problem that started the cycle all over again. For much of the time, her husband took on the exhausting chore of caring of her at home because he felt she got better care. Her family feels that had she been able to go to a better facility, she would have had a fighting chance.

Deb is expected to pass within 24 hours. Please hold her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. This blog meant the world to her and I believe your good wishes will touch her in some way. The family has asked that instead of cards and flowers, that some kind of donation be made to a political cause, possibly about blogging. I'm researching possibilities now and will get back with more details. If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment.