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Fox & Friends Interview "Fair And Balanced" - Chyrons Not So Much

Reported by Priscilla - December 19, 2009 -

Thursday, December 17th, Fox & Friends did an interview which was actually "fair and balanced" in that speakers representing both sides of the issue presented their points - a radical departure from the format used in the Larry Schweikart textbook series which was all Larry, all the time. The issue was the new Wisconsin law which mandates the teaching of the history of labor unions. Glenn Beck recently cited this as an example of the ongoing attack on American "traditions." And while the discussion was fine, the chyrons told the real story or at least the story according to Fox News. In Fox Propaganda 101, this is known as the "Cavuto Mark," in which a Fox "fact" is presented as a question. The irony here is that the "lesson" was framed under the words "fair and balanced" - and the lesson here was anything but! Another irony was that what should have been a question ("New Bill Changes School Curriculum") was presented as fact when it was just the opinion of the person opposed to the mandate. But let me modify one of the chyrons slightly: "Fox News, Organized Propaganda?"