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Beck's Fear of A Communist Book, "The Coming Insurrection" . . . But He Promotes the Teabaggers' Anti-Government Agenda?

Reported by Julie - December 19, 2009 -

As a post-script to Ellen’s News Hounds' post on Friday, “Glenn Beck Fear Mongering Of The Day: Radical European Thought “Is Now On Our Shores,” Glenn Beck appeared on the O’Reilly Factor Friday night (12/18/09) to engage in some further fear-mongering about the climate control protests in Copenhagen and what Beck views as a dangerous book, “The Coming Insurrection.” To O’Reilly’s credit, he didn’t allow Beck to descend into conspiracy madness, and showed little fear about the book or the conspiracy theories that Beck was floating – in fact, he largely dismissed Beck’s concerns as fly-specks (although he, I believe erroneously, made a point of diminishing the number of alleged “communist” protesters). What was so striking about this segment was Beck’s obsession with this little book, (which is essentially an anarchist’s playbook) – I mean, wouldn’t envisioning, and almost promoting, a Civil War over President Obama’s “socialist” agenda, as Beck has done, be the definition of anarchy? Wouldn’t encouraging anti-government Tea Party protests be considered anarchy? With video.

O’Reilly kicked off the segment by asking Beck about “Copenhagen chaos – climate control out of control . . . What do they want and why are they doing this?” I’ll answer the question, since Beck never really did -- the protesters are claiming that purported concern about climate control is just a guise for big business. As reported by CNN, “’Our Climate - Not Your Business’ argues that industry is turning the climate crisis into a business opportunity . . . We want to say no to criminal businesses which are responsible for the change of the climate and are now pretending to save it, guided by their own mercenary interests . . . .’”

During this segment, nearly everything Beck said about the “communist” protesters could also be true of the Tea Party protesters, which he promotes, invites, encourages and adores, even going so far as to complain that the tea partiers were ignored for Time Person of the Year.

Beck launched his theory: “This is gonna make me sound nuts again, but I brought evidence: “The Coming Insurrection” . . . a book that’s now in America but has been in Europe for a while . . . It’s written by the Invisible Committee, it is communist.”

You know, I read the product description of “The Coming Insurrection” on Amazon, and it was described as “a strategic prescription for an emergent war-machine to ‘spread anarchy and live communism.’” (The French government, in fact, arrested its alleged authors.) In essence, anarchy is defined as “a state of society without government or law” -- but the only difference that I can see between this book’s “anarchy” agenda and Beck’s various agendas is that this book promotes communistic anarchy and Beck promotes rabid right-wing anarchy. For example, as reported by Ellen of News Hounds, very shortly after President Obama took office, in February 2009, Beck launched his “doomsday scenario” segments in which he foretold of numerous and dire circumstances, including a Civil War, which could result from President Obama’s agenda. In April 2009, Eric Boehlert of Media Matters said of Fox, and Beck, “And again they're basically mainstreaming this militia movement and this militia rhetoric.”

Beck went on to say that the “extreme left” in Europe is “tired of waiting” for the European version of Democrats to “get there” (wherever “there” is): “They’re militant, they’re left, they’re carrying communist banners . . . .” This could describe the teabaggers, no? They’re militant, they’re right, they’re carrying Obama-as-the-Joker signs -- and worse.

In response to O’Reilly’s question, Beck insisted that they don’t care about climate control issues, they care about communism. And in my opinion, the teabaggers don’t care about economic issues, they care only about upsetting President Obama’s apple cart.

O’Reilly skeptically asked whether Beck thinks they’re a threat or they’re just a bunch of “annoying people,” to which Beck earnestly insisted that the “uber left . . . the Van Jones ilk” are a danger. And the uber-right, the Richard Poplawski ilk (a guy who appeared to channel Glenn Beck prior to allegedly murdering three cops), have proven themselves to be a danger.

“Do you really . . . because there’s so few of them . . . I know you’ve got your little pamphlet there . . . but it hasn’t made the best seller list.” I actually laughed at the “little pamphlet” slam – however, O’Reilly can be dismissive of the “hard-core communists” if he likes, but in the case of the Copenhagen protesters, the protesters are expected to number 50,000-80,000, and the protest includes 515 organizations from 67 countries.

Beck responded lamely that you don’t have to have a lot of people to cause “real trouble.” That’s funny, really, considering that Beck was one of Fox News’ big promoters of the Tea Party movement, and he really liked to brag about how many people were showing up, clearly believing that the bigger the crowd, the more potent the message. I never heard him report that only ten people showed up, but that was enough. According to Media Matters, on April 1st, for example, Beck’s guest was Bill Hennessy, the organizer of the St. Louis protest, which Beck said “is expecting up to 5,000 people now.” On March 31st, the number expected at another teabagger party swelled to 8,000. On March 23rd, Beck bragged about 5,000 people expected at a Florida teabagger party. On March 16th, Beck bragged that 5,000 people were at a Cincinnati event. But now, according to O’Reilly, a crowd of 50,000-80,000 represents “so few.”

With regard to “hard-core communists”, O’Reilly said that “they don’t bother me because I don’t think they’re ever gonna get anywhere . . . they’re annoying.” Funny, we feel the same way about the teabaggers.

From what I’ve read about “The Coming Insurrection,” Beck could probably co-opt the radical agenda, simply replacing the “communist” agenda with a “teabagger” agenda. Does he seriously not see the irony?