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Glenn Beck Says Jesus More Important To Wisconsin Than Labor Unions

Reported by Priscilla - December 18, 2009 -

Along with being, as characterized by the Anti Defamation League, America’s “fearmonger in chief,” Glenn Beck now seems to have taken on the role of “pastor in chief” as he frequently references God in his nightly homilies. And just when you think that his religious references can’t get any more inane or insane, along comes a new one. Wednesday night’s “One Thing” was titled “Rewriting Our History, Changing Our Traditions.” It included commentary about two local school incidents which, according to Beck, showed how the Obama’s are trying to bring down Christianity. He also commented about the new law in Wisconsin which “forces” teachers to include instruction in the history of labor unions and collective bargaining. Beck somehow worked this into his diatribe about how this is a rewriting of history and part of the destruction of American Christian tradition – all caused by Barack Obama. You just can’t make this stuff up – actually, Beck does this all the time.

Beck mentioned that the governor of Wisconsin recently signed into law a bill which requires that the teaching of labor union history be part of the standard curriculum in Wisconsin. One would think that Beck would admire Wisconsin as it was the stronghold of the Progressive Movement which, like the Teabaggers, believed that “efficient government required control of institutions by the voters rather than special interests.” But as Beck gets his “history” from “right wing crank” W. Cleon Skousen, it’s not surprising that he might have some information gaps. Beck went on to mock Wisconsin: "I know the cheese unions were crucial in building Wisconsin, but really? Let's see, which has been better for Wisconsin: Jesus Christ or the labor unions.” Obviously not a fan of the “Warren Court,” which struck down school prayer on the basis of the “establishment clause” (otherwise known by the phrase “separation of church and state”), Beck continued: “Imagine if the governor came out and signed a bill forcing kids to learn about the positives of Jesus in textbooks? The ACLU would be in full crisis mode.” (And if public schools were forced to say Mormon prayers, you’d see some “full crisis mode” fundies!)

I’m not surprised that Beck mocked the Wisconsin union movement. Wisconsin was a place where “workers and reformers made significant contributions to the history of labor in the United States, helping to enact legislation such as workers' compensation and unemployment insurance that served as models for similar laws in other states” as these are the types of librul policy so detested by Beck and his cronies who would love to bring child labor and all the other abuses which labor unions – not Jesus - helped to abolish. (Put those poor kids in work house where they’ll learn to appreciate the value of a dollar. They’ll be able to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps!!) Is Beck actually saying that the student shouldn’t learn about labor history? Is Beck actually saying that schools should teach that Jesus (who just might have approved of the labor union movement) is more important than labor unions? Talk about rewriting history!

I’ve included a video of the dulcet toned folksinger Joan Baez, singing about labor union organizer Joe Hill, at Woodstock. Hill was executed, for murder, after a controversial trial. I suspect that if Glenn Beck had been around then, he would not have supported Joe Hill. Ya think!