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Glenn Beck Hate Mongering Of The Day: Teaming Up With John Gibson To Attack The Left For “Swiftboating” The Right

Reported by Ellen - December 18, 2009 -

The only thing that’s perhaps more laughable than hate mongers John Gibson and Sean Hannity whining about “swiftboating” by the left is Gibson whining about the same thing with uber-hate monger Glenn Beck. And what’s even more laughable (or tragic, depending on your point of view) is that it all happened on the very same station that did the real Swift Boating. Friday’s (12/18/09) hate mongering accused the left of using “a campaign of lies” against the right that caused the country to “basically, flip away from” Republicans and elect the “radicals” in office now. Oh, yeah, and Jon Stewart and The Daily Show are part of that campaign. With video.

Without a drop of irony, Beck said, “Until now (thanks to Gibson’s new book about lefty swiftoboating?) nobody has seen, you say a lie enough times and it becomes truth.” Maybe that’s why Beck thought he could get away with such tactics himself.

Gibson, of course, agreed. “The repetition of a campaign of lies over a number of years made this country, basically, flip away from conservatives, Republicans, Bush and towards Obama which is how those radicals you always talk about ended up running things.”

Gibson later said, “Any political threat… first off, a campaign of lies will be initiated…”

“Mm-hmm,” Beck agreed.

“…and it will be repeated and repeated and repeated until people just generally accept it.” Maybe that’s how we got the bogus War on Christmas. Because if I recall correctly, we can largely thank Gibson's older book for the fact that now we can hardly say, “Happy holidays” without putting ourselves at risk for an ambush from a Fox News producer.

Never one to waste an opportunity for adding fear mongering to hate mongering, Beck said he didn’t “have a sense of it” as of a year ago. But, he added, “This is diabolical.” Unlike any of his own campaign of smears, apparently.

The Daily Show is also part of the Swift Boat set, according to Gibson. “Ridicule is one of the prime methods because in ridicule and joking about people – watch any Jon Stewart show – you don’t have to have the facts in line like little ducks. As long as the punchline works right, the ridicule works.”

Oh, you mean like Ann Coulter's punchlines?

Never one to waste an opportunity to pat himself on the back as he’s demonizing other people, Beck said, “It’s amazing to me that we – ‘cause we do punchlines and facts – and we have to be right on both of them, where they don’t have to be right on ‘em.”

As he spoke, the “fair and balanced” banner on the screen read, “How can you combat the “swiftboat” tactics of the left?”

“They’re scared of any voice that is in opposition,” Gibson said, in a statement that I can’t help but think is a case of psychological projection. “The radar is always on who is the next threat, whether it’s Fox News or Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck or whoever. Go after them. Go after them hard…. Once you’ve destroyed people that way, you can move on to victory.”

As an example of “destroying people,” Beck cited the use of the word “holiday” instead of “Christmas.” He said, “You want to understand what you’re facing… We’ve all been trusting people… ‘Hey, you know, I don’t want to offend anybody. If we call it a holiday concert, that’s bothered us but we haven’t said ‘Enough!’ until now.” I think we’re approaching that point.