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Fox Nation Headline Insults Unitarians - "Bold Insult? DC Mayor Signing Gay Marriage Bill In Church"

Reported by Priscilla - December 18, 2009 -

In yet another example of Fox Nation's radical and homopobic right wing worldview vs. what's really in the linked lede article, the Fox Nation headline states "Bold Insult? DC Mayor Signing Gay Marriage Bill In Church." The headline refers to the bill, approved by the Washington DC. City Council, which authorizes same sex marriage in Washington D.C. and which will be signed in a Unitarian Church - an evil, librul church which is obviously not the kind of church approved by Fox Nation where non conservative Christians are unwelcome and where "God hates fags." The accompanying lede photo, African American D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty (who signed the bill), adds a racial dimension to the red meat sure to get those racist and homophobic Fox Nation Christians salivating. The linked article, in the Washington Post, quoted the rector of the church who said that "We believe this is a historic step forward for justice and human rights in our nation's capital." There is nothing in the linked article to support the "bold insult" of the title. The insult would seem to be yet another Fox Nation headline which seeks to foment homophobic hatred and division in the nation otherwise known as the USA.

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