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Pretty Tricky, Shep Smith -- We Almost Thought You Were Different

Reported by Julie - December 17, 2009 -

Remember that story about the farmer and the snake? You might have heard it, how the farmer trusted the snake, who promised he wouldn’t bite him, and then he did – and when the farmer protested, the snake said something like, “You knew I was a snake when you brought me home?” Yeah, the farmer would be me. And the snake? Fox News’ Shep Smith. With video.

The guy who dropped the F-bomb on the air in opposition to torture in America, the guy who has at times apologized for Fox News’ biased reporting, the guy who I, and others, gave props to for being a voice of some reason on Fox News, has, apparently, been a “snake” all along. The moral of the story in that fable is that good is wasted on evil. Like the farmer in the fable, I should have seen it coming.

In a broadcast yesterday on “Studio B” with Smith, the guests were Detroit school board member Tyrone Winfrey and Sharlonda Buckman of the Detroit Parent Network. The topic was the dismal test scores in the Detroit public school system – 69% of the kids scored “below basic.”

So did Shep discuss positive ways in which Detroit could help its student improve test scores? Did Shep discuss possible reasons why students may not be excelling in Detroit? Did Shep ask any questions about past test scores, to see if there’s a downward trend? Did he explore poverty, family issues, lack of parental involvement, underfunded schools? Of course he did . . . not.

Shep’s solution? “If my kid were in Detroit I’d try to burn the place down.”

Said Buckman, “. . . shame on Shepard.”

Said Winfrey, “I really think that was bad . . . .”

And you know who else I hope Shep really pissed off? A guy who disses people for a living, a guy who grew up in Detroit, a guy who still has roots in Detroit and fondness for Detroit, a really, really famous guy who, you never know, may even write a rap. About Shep. Because Shep’s name has a good rhyming sound and because Shep has shown himself, with one blurted out comment, to be a garden-variety, Fox News putz. His cover’s blown.

Nothing I hate worse. Nothing Eminem likes better.