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Glenn Beck Peeved That 9/12 Tea Partiers Not Time “Persons Of The Year”

Reported by Ellen - December 17, 2009 -

How we know that Glenn Beck thought he and his 9/12 Project deserved to be at least part of Time’s Persons Of The Year: He delayed his astounding news that, he claimed, showed the Obama administration “borders on treason” in order to spend the first half of his show yesterday (12/16/09) belly aching about how the Time Person of the Year should have been the tea partiers and the 9/12 movement. With video.

In the nearly 20-minute monologue with which Beck opens his show every day, Beck showed the kind of class that might just have been the reason he got overlooked. First, he attacked the actual Person of the Year, Ben Bernanke as “the Saddam Hussein of economics” and then he snarkily said, “I’d give (Nancy Pelosi) Man of the Year.”

Then it was time to blow his own horn, by pretending he was blowing someone else’s horn. “This is the movement that has so far stopped the health care debacle from passing… What else is slowing it down?... The only thing that’s stopping (Democrats) voting for it is the fear, fear of their re-election chances. Because of you. Because of you.

It’s hard not to think that what he really meant was, “Because of me. Because of me.” Because he was the mover and shaker of the 9/12 movement.

Beck continued by complaining that his group wasn’t getting any attention. “At the very least, I expected Time Magazine to …treat the tea party protesters and the 9/12-ers, you know, in the ways that we’ve all grown accustomed to. You know, the journalists covering them – ‘Oh, those tea bagger people!’ (Beck gave a rodeo-clown giggle)… But this is even worse than being, you know, called names, intimidated, slandered… lame sex jokes… Millions of Americans are united in a belief that the government is out of control and needs to scale back spending… who are publicly demonstrating their frustration…. They’re not even being mocked any more.”

Somehow, that segued into America being a faith-based nation whose traditions are being subverted by SEIU and Michelle Obama. Wait a minute! Wasn’t it just one day earlier that Beck was complaining about FireDogLake’s Jane Hamsher “going after family” because she’s urging a breast cancer research foundation to drop Mrs. Joseph Lieberman as their global ambassador? Yes, it was.

“Do you see what’s happening? 92% believe in God,” Beck said, as though he had caught Michelle Obama saying she was trying to stamp out religion. “They are changing our history, they are changing our traditions and they are indoctrinating our children.”

You can contact Beck's show at glennbeck@foxnews.com.