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Glenn Beck Blames Obama For Changing American Christian “Traditions”

Reported by Priscilla - December 17, 2009 -

Despite being “America’s Newsroom,” Fox News loves to create controversies in order to foment hatred which further divides Americans. Glenn Beck is certainly aiding and abetting that meme with his constant denigration of those who don’t subscribe to the bizarro world view of Glenn Beck – particularly Barack Obama and those who don’t merit Pastor Beck’s “imprimatur.”As such, Glenn plays fast and loose with the facts. Rather than telling the whole story, he takes just a part of the story which best fits his hate filled agenda – albeit though, he presents his “facts,” in an emotional and teary way so that the hate goes down with a teaspoon of sugar. Last night, his “One Thing,” about changing American “traditions,” was vintage Beck in that he used a quote from Michelle Obama to launch into a diatribe about persecuted Christians. His pastoral homily also included examples of this “persecution,” which didn’t quite tell the whole story. But the story told was one that further reinforced the hatred and and the shit that Glenn Beck is so adept at stirring.

Beck quoted Michelle Obama: “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation." (Oh, no, can’t move America from an intolerant white, Christian nation to a diverse secular one). He claimed that this quote was about “molding” history to fit the “progressive agenda.” (And Beck, with his W. Cleon Skousen “history” isn’t “molding” a meme?) He then presented his “facts” which were statistics on religious belief. While the Christmas celebration material is taken from a Rasmussen (Gold Line ad in middle of webpage) telephone survey, his 92% of Americans who believe in God doesn’t square with the newest Pew Poll religious survey which puts the percentage at 83%. He then told a teary story about how a little boy, in a Taunton, Mass.school, was told to draw something that reminded him of Christmas. The teacher sent him home and ordered a psychological examination. Lets look at the rest of the story. The child, a “special needs” kid, drew “x’s” on Jesus’ eyes and the teacher became alarmed that the drawing was violent. Despite the right wing outrage, the school committee sees “little uproar” – although that was reported yesterday, before Beck, so the Taunton School Committee and School Department are probably getting death threats as we speak. The family of the boy failed to appear at a meeting scheduled with the school superintendent; but the family has retained the services of a persecuted Christian group, “The Rutherford Institute” so I expect we’ll be seeing them on Fox News. But the point here is that the teacher did not question the “Christianity” of the picture – but rather the psychology of the boy.

Not surprisingly Beck then referenced a story that’s making the rounds of Fox News all the Christian right wing circles which involves a teacher telling a student that reading the bible during “quiet time” was inappropriate. The school principal apologized for the action and said that the teacher had made a mistake. End of story? Not if you can get some right wing outrage traction from it. The mother of the child told a Fox News affiliate that the apology wasn’t enough so I expect we’ll be seeing her soon on Fox Opinion News.

Comment: So here we have a couple of local school situations which could be seen as questionable. But Glenn Beck spins them into evidence that our “traditions” are changing when these incidents mean nothing of the sort. Master conspiratorialist and “fearmonger-in-chief,” Glenn Beck takes them out of context so that he can get folks scared about their way of life changing – all as a result of Barack Obama. Beck's "refounded" America is, I suspect, not the one the Founders had in mind.