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Fox & Friends Bring Back Christmas Billboard Ladies Who Are “Saving” Xmas

Reported by Priscilla - December 15, 2009 -

As I mentioned yesterday, there were two “war on Christmas” segments on yesterday's Fox & Friends. One was about how, because of an evildoer who asked about the legality of having a bible reading at a town sponsored event, the bible reading was “nixed.” The other was yet another Christmas billboard lady segment. Yes Virginia, they’re baaaack and like a strange and mutant virus, they’ve multiplied!

In introducing the segment, Fox’s Peter Johnson said that the billboard ladies have put up Christmas billboards across the U.S. As Johnson spoke about how the ladies want folks to say “Merry Christmas,” the chyron read, “True Meaning of Christmas, Christmas Billboard Campaign.” There was a graphic of praying hands next to the words. Johnson introduced the ladies who have increased from 2 to 4. They said that they now have 30 billboards in 9 states. The chyron read “Faith Under Fire, Ladies Fight to Save Christmas.” (Oh, praise the Lord for these brave women who are saving Christmas from those nasty secularists who are “attacking” the faith of American Christians.”) Once again, the ladies said that they embarked on this mission from God because people weren’t saying “Merry Christmas.” (Once again, who cares!) When asked what she said to folks who wish her “Happy Holidays,” one of the ladies responded that she says “with a smile, Merry Christmas.” (Wonder if she really gets a thrill out of saying it to Jewish people.) The chyron was the patented Fox News “statement of fact” disguised as a question: “US Too Politically Correct? Women Push For Christmas Greeting.” When Johnson asked if those who don’t celebrate Christmas should be offended, one of the ladies said “No because everybody has their traditions. Our tradition is a Christian tradition of Christmas. Merry Christmas is a very positive salutation. It’s meant to spread love and the meaning of Christmas is Jesus and love.” (tell that to Christians Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity) She added that nobody should be offended just like she’s not offended when somebody says “Happy Hannukah” to her. Johnson ended the segment by praising the ladies as “faithful Christians and great Americans and models for women across America.” (Uh, Pete, not all women are Christians and not all women are Christians whose goal in life is to force people to say “Merry Christmas.”) He then provided the information for their website.

Comment: I know these ladies are well intentioned – BUT ENOUGH, ALREADY!!! You’ve made your point now move on.