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Sean Hannity Continues His Homophobic Attack On Kevin Jennings

Reported by Priscilla - December 14, 2009 -

Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin are not fans of Barack Obama. There is nothing that they can do to alter the reality that Obama is the president. They can, however, join in with the “hard right” who are trying to weaken the Obama administration by attacking his advisors in the hopes that those whom they attack will resign as did Van Jones. The attacks have consisted of using policy and position statements to purportedly show that these advisors are “radicals” who are out of step with the “mainstream.” The coordinated attack on Obama’s “Safe School Czar” has an added dimension in that the lies and smears are connected to Kevin Jennings’s homosexuality. But it’s all good for hate mongers like Hannity and Malkin whose fear of the “gay agenda” truly underscores what homophobia is all about. The forces of the radical right want to bring us back to the “good old days” when blacks “knew their place” and homosexuals stayed in the closet. So it’s not surprising that Hannity and Malkin are channeling their inner Joe McCarthy in attempting to bring down Kevin Jennings in the sleaziest way they can. “Tailgunner Joe” would be so proud of his “children.”

As People for the American Way’s “Right Wing Watch” state, in their piece about the “new McCarthyism,” "Kevin Jenning’s sexual orientation and his advocacy for the safety of gay youth is enough to make him the target of a sustained smear campaign from the right, complete with bogus guilt-by-association charges.” Nobody loves “guilt by association” more than Sean Hannity who, at one time, “palled around” with white supremacist, Hal Turner. And when Hannity gets together with Michelle Malkin, America’s favorite “anchor baby” who, like Hannity, is not a fan of minorities, it’s just one big happy hatefest. And along with hate, there are lies as demonstrated by the content of the vitriol on Wednesday night. (December 10th).

Hannity was indignant because “he couldn’t read” what Jennings was supposed to have done as reported by right wing Gateway Pundit and what Malkin had put up on her website. Malkin claimed that the recommended reading list, put out by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) isn’t “safe for schools.” The chyron read “Disturbing Details About Safe School Czar’s Reading List.” She alluded to the “perverse and vile” material that supposedly is in the books. She then claimed that Jenning’s “inspiration” was Harry Hayes, the founder of NAMBLA. (The right loves to conflate gay with pedophilia). She dramatically intoned about how Jennings admitted to failing to report the “predation” of a “teenager who came to him and said he was having a sexual relationship with an older man.” Hannity said that Jennings praised Hayes. He claimed that there is evidence that Jennings knew of the association of Harry Hay in support of NAMBLA. He continued, “This is a guy who recommended to a sophomore in high school that admitted that he was having a sexual relationship with an older individual, ‘I hope you used a condom.” Hannity admitted that he wants Jennings fired and this latest information about the reading list confirms a radical agenda that “any person of conscience could see through.” Hannity wanted to know why there has been so little coverage of this “extremist.” Malkin said that the “moral cowards” in the mainstream media need to be “called out.” She continued to blither about Jenning’s “radical agenda.” She became really agitated when she said that Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, is standing by Jennings. Sean cited the “radical left wing bloggers”who say that Jennings praised Hay as a gay rights founder and not Hay’s connection to NAMBLA. Hannity said that the defense of Jennings was “lame and pathetic." Malkin said this was all about “brainwashing.” (Oh, the irony). She listed some corporations that need to be called out for “funding GLESN.” Hannity said he would “stay on the story until this guy is fired.”

Comment: What Hannity "couldn't read" might be a debunked Gateway Pundit article which claimed that Jennings was teaching 14 year olds about oral sex at a GLSEN conference. The information about these “dirty books” comes from Scott Baker of Breitbart TV who provided the information to (surprise, surprise) Gateway Pundit. Baker claims that the information was obtained by “teams of independent researchers” but he does not name them. GLSEN recommends, on the website, that adults review the books. At least one of the “perverse” passages, cited by the Washington Times, has been debunked. Kevin Jennings, in a 1997 speech, praised Harry Hay’s work as one of the early proponents of gay rights – not in conjunction with NAMBLA which is what the right wing Washington Times claimed and what Hannity is reinforcing. But while what was said about the book list and Harry Hay were minor lies, what Hannity said about the situation involving Jennings and the student was a whopper. The young man in question, “Brewster,” was 16 which was the legal act of consent in Massachusetts at the time. In a Facebook exchange, Brewster told somebody from Fox that he wanted a correction to the story that they had been running which cited Brewster’s age as 15 at the time of the encounter. Fox ran the correction September 30th . Moreover, the law required reporting only if a teacher had reason to believe that the child was suffering “serious or emotional injury” from the abuse. Brewster has come forward to say that he did not have sex with the man whom he met at the bus station and that Jennings is the victim of “homophobic smear attacks.” So no “predation” here. Just more 'lame and pathetic" homophobic smear attacks on a person praised by the American education community.

In addition to Joe McCarthy, Hannity’s campaign against Jennings is reminiscent of another dark period in American history – the Salem witchtrials.

Addendum: Malkin is encouraging her followers to complain to corporate sponsers of GLSEN. She’s upset that Eastman Kodak stands by Jennings. Well, boo freakin, hoo!!!