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Gretchen Carlson - Separation Of Church And State Can Be Menacing And Expensive!

Reported by Priscilla - December 14, 2009 -

Now that Christmas is getting closer, the good Christian warriors on Fox&Friends are going full assault in their relentless coverage of the “war on Christmas.” The baby Jesus is clapping with glee because today there were two stories one of which featured yet another persecuted Christian who is not a happy camper because his usual reading of the Bible, at the lighting of the town Christmas tree, has been “nixed” after 22 years. Oh, the horror, the horror!!! But once again, Fox & Friends proved that along with “tig ole bitties,” it’s the place for that old time religion – Christian, that is.

Gretchen Carlson, showing off those Miss America gams and some nice Christmas cleavage, was joined by Fox legal beagle Peter Johnson. Carlson breathlessly welcomed Walker Johnson as the chyron read “Holiday Tradition Banned, Bible Reading of the Christmas Story Banned.” Gretchen, leaning into the camera, said she could “just envision the type of Christmas celebration your town puts on.” She created a vision of shining, happy people giving candy to the kids while the Christmas tree is lighted as the bible is read. She continued with her Christmas story, “and then one person called the mayor’s office called the mayor’s office this year and you no longer can do it anymore.” (Baby Jesus is crying). Mr. Johnson talked about the good old days of live Nativities and choirs. The chyron read “True Christmas Story Banned, Bible Removed From Maryville Event.” (Uh, I hate to do the angels on the pinhead but there are two Christmas narratives in the New Testament and both are different.) Peter Johnson, a lawyer, asked the other Johnson if he could determine the legal basis of the argument. While the chyron read “Walker Johnson, Banned From Reading Biblical Christmas Story.” Walker said that the town mayor was “saddened;” but he acted on advice of the town lawyers who said that the town could be sued. Chyron read (in case you missed it before) “Town Bans True Christmas Story, TN Town Bans Biblical Reading At Annual Event.” Good Christian Gretchen somberly intoned “This is how far we’ve come, in our society, Mr. Johnson. Do you agree that one person can call people up and can say separation of church and state just to be a menace.” Scrunching up her pretty face, she stated, “Maybe they don’t even care that much about it and just because cities can’t afford to take on these kinds of lawsuits do they acquiesce to the demands of one person.” (Right, Gretchen, it’s called the Constitution which addresses freedom of speech and separation of church and state). At this point, Gretchen looked really pissed!! Johnson spoke of how when he reads from “Luke” everyone gets still and that’s why it’s a hit because “it’s what everyone wants to hear.” Lawyer Johnson again asked non lawyer Johnson why it “shouldn’t be read.” The chyron read “Christmas Tree Lighting Without The Holiday’s True Meaning.” As Walker spoke of how this tradition has been a hit, Carlson shook her head in obvious dismay about this secular assault. When Walker said that the townsfolk are organizing private readings of the bible, which the town is giving them permits for (?), Carlson said “that’s why they call it Christmas, Christ is actually in that word." The chyron read “Changing Christmas Tradition, Town Bans Biblical Story At Event.”

Comment: Gretchen Carlson is supposed to be a smart cookie, so why doesn’t she understand that municipalities are not supposed to use taxpayer money to sponsor religious activity such as a Christian bible reading? What part of “endorsement of religion” doesn’t she get? As the Maryville lawyers said, it’s illegal. And Stanford honors grad, Gretchen Carlson, just can’t get it in her pretty head that it’s not the fault of the person who, according to the town paper, “asked” about the illegality. The town should have known that years ago; but because nobody said anything, nothing was done. The law is the law regardless of whether somebody or nobody “complains.” The town mayor, who wasn’t included in this totally unfair and unbalanced piece, said “The government can have religious symbols, such as a nativity scene, but reading from the Bible is not legal. Even though we've done it in the past, once we were put on notice it was illegal, we had to stop it." But it did provide more ammunition for the Fox News patented “war on Christmas” and the “persecuted Christian” meme so beloved by Fox&Friends which is really “ the church of the poisoned mind.”

Addendum: I have received some criticism from the theocracy crowd who state the "separation of church and state" is bogus as these words are not in the Constitution. Correct, the words are not. However, the idea of "separation of church and state" is a legal concept which stems from the First Amendment and which has become the basis for court decisions using "the establishment clause." The historic Warren court decision which struck down school prayer invoked the establishment clause as have numerous other decisions involving, among other issues, the 10 Commandments and religious Christmas tchotchkes on public property. Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists "contains the phrase "wall of separation between church and state," which led to the short-hand for the Establishment Clause that we use today: "Separation of church and state."


"I'm all for free speech and free rights, just not on December 25th."
Gretchen Carlson