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Fox Paints EPA Decision On CO2 By "Asking" If It's A Job Killer

Reported by Guest Blogger - December 14, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

On Saturday’s (12/12/09) Cashin’ In, the panel attacked discussed the EPA’s announcement that carbon dioxide is harmful, and should be regulated. The “fair and balanced” formula included a preponderance of panelists against the EPA’s decision, and a host who introduced the discussion by asking “Will this kill jobs?” Similarly, a banner on the screen for much of the segment asked, “Is ruling harmful to jobs?” With video.

Jonathan Hoenig, the self-described “Capitalist Pig,” didn’t mince words. "It's terrible for jobs… It’s also terrible for humankind… Our whole lives run and depend on carbon… Using suspect science, which we know in the last couple of weeks with the Climategate scandal is suspect, this is a method by which bureaucrats will control energy."

In fact, Climategate did not make the science suspect. But Casone seems to have missed that fact.

Fortunately, Democrat Julian Epstein corrected the record. "The consensus on carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases is overwhelming in the independent scientific community.” He added,"The Supreme Court has said that the EPA has the right to regulate this way. And this is a question about whether we are going to lead the green jobs revolution or be following… Green jobs are the jobs of the future."

Cheryl Casone excitedly interrupted him to disagree. "These companies say they are going to shut down plants across this country. That is layoffs.”

Epstein countered, "They can't be saying that because there's no regulation in place for them to react to."

As he went on to explain what the EPA said, Casone interrupted him again. "Done. EPA did it."

John Layfield said, "Cap and trade… does not work. China loves cap and trade… The cap doesn't matter to them. The trade: they’re going to get all the benefits from renewable energy… (Cap and trade is) going to kill jobs, and do zero for CO2 emissions."

Tracy Byrnes said, "We can't just go panicking and putting rules out and forcing plants to shut down because of regulations that they're just throwing out there because they don't know what else to do."

Jonas Max Ferris said, “The EPA crackdown is going to hurt jobs in the short run but it will improve the overall economy… in the long run.”

Epstein said the EPA decision was a "necessary precondition for regulations in the event the Senate doesn't pass cap and trade.” Noting that there was near unanimity on the panel that carbon emissions are a real problem, Epstein added, “This can be a job creator if we’re smart about it." (Comment: In fact, The Center for American Progress issued a report last week which found that “investing in new technology, stimulating new economic activity around a re-engineering of energy systems and growing new markets – all necessary to avoid climate catastrophe – will stimulate growth and offer new, skilled employment to workers.”)

Hoenig sneered, "Just like all those ethanol jobs… we created."

"Ethanol's an entirely different situation,” Epstein said.

“Oh, right THIS president knows what he’s doing when it comes to the environment,” Hoenig said sarcastically. “I got it.”

Epstein said, “The industries that were regulated under clean air regulations, the ones that got smart actually used it as a job creating fuel. Green jobs will create jobs.”

Despite framing the discussion around the issue of jobs, Casone failed to offer her viewers any information on the subject of green jobs.