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Psychiatrist (Or Voyeur) Bill O’Reilly Says Lindsay Lohan Needs “An Intervention”

Reported by Priscilla - December 13, 2009 -

Under the guise of “concern” for Lindsay Lohan, Bill O’Reilly (not gay) included her in his “Pinheads and Patriots” segment Thursday night. (December 10th). After naming a Republican South Carolina congressman a “patriot” for his planned “stand up for Christmas resolution,” America’s Daddy did a brief piece on Lindsay Lohan. Bill is concerned about her. He said that “it’s easy to pick on Lindsay Lohan because she’s a troubled woman.” Oh, the irony!

Under the photo of Ms. Lohan, was the phrase “Danger Zone.” He referenced her latest “internet deal which has the 23 year old, posing on a bed doing bizarre things for a magazine shoot.” Naturally, the video was running as he spoke. It was nearly a spit out the coffee moment when Bill said “voyeurism aside, we believe the situation here is serious.” He cited other young entertainers who met an untimely end “from excess.” Bill said “that there’s no question that Ms. Lohan needs an intervention and fast and anyone who denies that is a pinhead.” Uh, was Bill trolling around the internet looking for racy Lindsay Lohan videos? This isn’t exactly a hot topic. And why I am I skeptical about Bill’s “concern” about what Lohan is doing? It’s really none of his business. But yeah, I’m sure she appreciates his “concern.” Maybe Bill can offer her a personal intervention with some therapeutic loofahs. If anyone is “troubled,” it’s Bill O’Reilly who does seem to have a voyeuristic fascination with “racy” videos (that nobody is really concerned about) shown during “the family hour.” It’s all very strange.