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Fox & Friends Sunday Lets John Gibson Spout Misinformation and Pimp His Book

Reported by Julie - December 13, 2009 -

On December 9, 2009, as reported by News Hounds' Priscilla, Fox & Friends rolled out the red carpet for Fox News guy John Gibson, the same guy who repeatedly mocked actor Heath Ledger’s death just hours after he died, the same guy who urged Fox viewers to “make more babies [as Priscilla pointed out, the unspoken part is “make more white babies”] . . . twenty-five years and the majority of the population is Hispanic," the same guy who told an African American caller that the caller was only sticking with President Obama because “he’s a brother." And lo and behold, a mere four days later, Gibson was given another forum on yet another segment of Fox & Friends, this time F&F Sunday with Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris, to plug his book yet again (something with a comical title about liberals and swiftboating – look for it in the bargain bin at Borders soon) and harp on the media’s “unfair treatment” of Bush. What possible reason could they have for attempting to rehabilitate Bush now – and who cares? But hey, they were “fair and balanced” – Camerota feigned concern that “the same thing could happen with the current administration in Afghanistan.” With video.

Talk about a leading question . . . Morris asked Gibson, “Did the media really manipulate the American public into believing that the Iraq war was much more of a disaster than it actually was?”

Of course Gibson agreed that it did, and again plugged his book: “At the point that Barack Obama was . . . coasting to an election we were winning and the American public thought we were losing . . . Over and over and over again what the liberal media did and the left did was tell the American public something was happening that wasn’t.”

Gibson maintained that the “big deal” about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, making it a “war of lies . . . turned out not to be so.” Gibson went on to say something about a “blueprints for new bombs” and the government inadvertently posting something online they had to take down, all, he claims, pointing to the fact that there were in fact WMDs in Iraq. What’s Kool-Aid has Gibson been drinking? In October 2004, a CIA report unequivocally stated that Iraq didn’t have “weapon stockpiles or active production capabilities at the time of the war,” nor did it have mobile biological weapons capability. And in fact, in September 2002, then-CIA Director George Tenet informed Bush that Iraq had no WMDs. Bush pooh-poohed the information, and Tenet never thought it worth mentioning again. So, Gibson, tell us again how the “war of lies . . . turned out not to be so?” It’s pretty common knowledge now that Bush lied us into the war in Iraq . . . so, Fox & Friends . . . where’s the journalistic challenges from the peanut gallery?

“Right now we have a President who just announced his Afghan war speech and talked about going there to make sure they don’t have tools of mass destruction . . . What I don’t see the media doing now is what they did to Bush which is to say, prove it, if you don’t prove it it’s going to be a war of lies . . . .” President Obama, unlike Bush – who said, as reported by CNN, “Saddam Hussein's Iraq ‘possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons’ and ‘is seeking nuclear weapons’” -- has made it clear he is investigating whether there are in fact tools of mass destruction, not saying it’s so.

Saying that the liberals don’t like the President’s Afghan plan to send more troops, Gibson maintained, “Barack Obama is being supported by the right here . . . I think the left and the liberal media is going to ignore, what they would have jumped on had it been Bush. He’s not closing Guantanamo . . . he still reserves the right to do wiretapping . . . the things that Obama has embraced from the Bush Administration that were decried by the media years ago, now he’s getting a free pass on.” On one hand, Gibson maintains that the President is being “supported by the right” (that’s a first), and on the other hand he’s claiming that the liberal media is giving him a pass. But, more importantly, President Obama is hardly getting a “pass.” As reported by Time in September 2009, liberals were seriously unhappy with President Obama’s position on the Patriot Act, and began pressuring him to change it. In fact, many liberal Democrats, including Democratic lawmakers, have challenged President Obama over wiretapping. And as for Guantanamo Bay – it’s fairly certain that President Obama will be shipping Gitmo detainees to Thomson Prison in Illinois, and still plans to close Gitmo next year. The timeline for closing the prison, the President told Fox News, depends on cooperation from Congress.

Another Fox & Friends segment filled with unchallenged misinformation, unchallenged distortions of facts, and a free pass for any conservative who wants to come aboard and spout right-wing talking points – whether based in truth or not. SMH.