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Glenn Beck Says “Law and Order” Wrong - He Doesn’t Spread Ignorance And Hate! Really?

Reported by Priscilla - December 11, 2009 -

Along with Fox hatemonger Bill O’Reilly, Fox’s Glenn Beck was also mentioned in a recent “Law and Order” episode which featured a crazed killer who was a fan of hate radio. One of the characters, an attorney played by John Larroquette (loved "Night Court"), compared Limbaugh, Beck, and O’Reilly to “a cancer spreading ignorance and hate.” Beck, not happy about this characterization, whined about being smeared by those who don't debate "with the facts." As usual, his facts were a bit – ah – squishy; but as propaganda they were first rate. Beck did say that he’s “not a journalist; just a dad.” He’s right there – not a journalist – not even close. Methinks he doth protest too much.

Beck demanded to see evidence that his homespun homilies inspire violence. He claimed that “there wasn’t a single incident of violence” at this summer’s tea parties; but there was “passion” – the occasional raised voice. He compared the lack of a single arrest at the 9-12 rally to the G 20 riots. In speaking about the calm demeanor of the tea baggers, he showed a photo of “the beatdown of a participant by the SEIU.” He referenced the biting off of a tea bagger finger. He then cited the violence of the radical environmental movement “ELF” and other vandalism by “leftists.” Not surprisingly he mentioned how the left blamed him for what turned out to be the suicide of the census worker. And after braying about how he’s being smeared, he then smeared Janeane Garofalo whom he claimed was smearing teabaggers by referring to them as “racist rednecks.” He really didn’t seem to be too upset about his interview with Barbara Walters. I sensed that he was actually proud of her comment that he “was inflammatory.” He then asked for the evidence that he incites people to violence. In saying that he didn’t think he ever called Obama a fascist, he “joked” about how Media Matters got an extra grant from Soros. Without metioning Keith Olbermann’s name he did an imitation of what was presumably Olbermann calling Bush a fascist. He ended by saying that he’s “just a dad who’s concerned for this country. Stand up America.”

Beck wants “evidence” of his inciting hate. From a legal perspective, one can’t cite this as “evidence;” but it’s interesting that Pittsburgh cop killer Richard Poplawski did post a video, to You Tube, of Glenn Beck discussing FEMA concentration camps. Poplawski, per the ADL, was a conspiratorialist who hated government. A recent ADL report has asserted that Glenn Beck appeals to those are motivated by the hatemongering against and fear of government which Beck promotes on his show. In 2008, a liberal hating gunman opened fire at a Unitarian Church killing several people. Jim Adkisson wasn’t a fan of Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. Rather, his library included books by Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage. While the presence of hate mongering books doesn’t mean that the reader will commit mass murder, the kind of rhetoric used by hate media “personalities” could, as the ADL stated, give rise to individuals who are willing to act out on their anger.

While Beck had his own “evidence” of left wing violence, he omitted any references to the kind of recent right wing zealotry that motivated the Holocaust Museum shooter and the man who shot Dr. Tiller. (Tiller was excoriated as "a killer" by Bill O'Reilly, on 29 occasions). But let’s take the claim that tea party participants were well behaved. “(WXYZ) - A Tea Party protestor who expressed her activism out in the middle of a busy road ended up being arrested.” How about the teabagger arrested for twittering that he would turn the Oklahoma City tea party “into a bloodbath.” “Citizen Quasar” wanted to start a war against the government. Only a month ago, “U.S. Capitol Police arrested 10 people this afternoon after the Capitol Hill Tea Party crowd stormed Congressional office buildings.” Yeah, Beck can be proud of all those teabaggers who disrupted and shut down town hall meetings sometimes being escorted out by police. Classy behavior. And speaking of classy – how bout all those racist signs at the tea parties? A teabagger in Pennsylvania was detained by the US Secret Service for his sign, “Death to Obama and Death to Michelle and Her Two Stupid Kids.” And do ya think it was “leftists” who vandalized the Georgia office of African American US Rep, David Scott after a raucous town hall. In addition to the property damage, there was a swastika painted on the door. The police treated it as a hate crime – the designation of which seems to irritate conservatives. And speaking of raucous town halls, how bout Randall Terry being escorted out of one in Virginia. He’s not exactly a “leftist.” Recently, Terry said that there will be violence if the abortion language in health care reform isn’t to his liking. Somehow that's not on Beck's radar.

So despite Beck’s claim’s, his “movement” isn’t exactly squeeky clean and he doesn’t seem to want to address the “dirty laundry.” Not for nothing has the ADL dubbed him “fearmonger-in-chief” (corrected - not "hatemonger" in chief) as he is inflammatory. And while “Law and Order” is fictional, Glenn Beck and those who share his cancerous and hateful ideology are all too real.