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Despite A Record Indicating Otherwise, Beck Insists, “I’m Not A Liar”

Reported by Ellen - December 11, 2009 -

For a guy who loves to smear others so much, Glenn Beck is remarkably thin skinned when he is the one under attack. So after spending a few nights of viciously smearing a progressive named Robert Creamer, Beck was in a hate-mongering tizzy over the fact that Creamer struck back by saying in part, “This is a man who lies about everything.” So Beck devoted his nearly 20-minute opening monologue yesterday (12/10/09) to defending himself the way he always does – with more viciousness and smears. “What have I lied about, exactly?” Beck asked in one of his “rodeo clown” voices. “Show me.” Well, since you asked. With video.

For starters, just yesterday, I posted about Beck's false claim that SEIU head Andy Stern had visited the White House more than anyone else. Not only had that been demonstrated to be untrue, it was an untruth Beck had repeated.

Also this week, I posted that Beck had wrongly claimed that Creamer had stolen from the company he had worked for.

News Hounds' Aunty Em has been waiting since October for Beck to correct the misinformation he put forth when comparing Nixon's enemies list to the White House's relationship to Fox News.

And if that's not enough, PolitiFact, has a few more. Out of 10 rulings on Beck, 5 were ruled "false," 2 were "barely true," 1 was "half true," and 2 were "pants on fire." None were either "mostly true" or "true."

One of Beck’s self-serving schticks, at Creamer’s expense, has been to accuse him of being the architect of Obama’s health care reform legislation. Beck has yet to offer a single piece of evidence to show that Creamer had any input into Obama’s policy beyond the fact that they seem to be simpatico on issues and Creamer was at the same state dinner as the party-crashing you-know-who’s. But Creamer was just quoted as saying it's "laughable" to think he has so much influence over the White House. So Beck doubled down on his mugging for the camera, displayed a larger-than-usual array of photographs of progressives and played some clips of Creamer, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, President Obama all using the word “historic” when discussing health care reform, all as “proof” he was right.

Beck played some more clips showing similar rhetoric between the president and Creamer and claimed, “It looks like (Obama advisor David) Axelrod and company are following your (Creamer’s) blueprint.” Beck didn't need any more proof than that. Something that actually showed someone in the White House saying they had actually adopted or adapted an idea or a strategy from Creamer? Who needs it when you've got Beck's say so?

Then, after Beck attacked Creamer for “playing the victim” by calling Beck a “smear machine,” Beck started playing the victim, himself. “Look what happens when anyone speaks out against a policy of the president or this administration,” he complained.

Beck ran to his trusty chalkboard for a recitation of his greatest hits of apocalyptic predictions that had previously come true (the stock market crash, 9/11, etc., plus Obama's green jobs czar Van Jones’ resignation in the wake of Beck’s attacks on him) as if to say that those incidents conclusively corroborated every one of his claims ever made. Then, after mocking Nancy Pelosi for crying on camera, Mr. I’d Cry For My Country Beck snarled, “Spare me your sanctimonious BS about being attacked by a smear machine. It’s my life, baby. You really want to be smeared? Join the tea party. Or the conservative movement. Or – you really want to be called crazy and smeared? Read the Constitution and then tell a friend to read it. Because while we’re just simply calling for a simple and honest debate, you won’t even read the bills and you mock anyone who stands in your way.” Yeah, a simple and honest debate is all he wants. That’s why he never has any real Democrats on his program and spends most of his time maliciously mocking those he disagrees with.

Obviously, Beck’s sensitive widdle feewings were still smarting. He played a clip of Arianna Huffington comparing Beck to someone yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. “There is a good reason why we have an exemption to the free speech protected by the First Amendment,” Huffington said.

“That’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever heard,” Beck said, now with his sincere face and voice. He claimed he didn’t want people on the left to shut up, that he’s never said they should shut up. OK, maybe not shut up, per se, just demonized. “Progressives would rather just say the debate is settled and march forward, destroying anything that gets in their way, ‘using whatever kinds of means we can.’ That’s (Obama’s) words, not mine,” Beck said in his next breath.

“If I am so full of lies, if I am wrong, please call me. We’ll put you on the air,” Beck said, holding up his red phone “hotline” that only the White House has the number for. He once again vowed he only wanted an open debate and would lead with any mistakes. “I want you to call not because I’m for anything else other than the truth. If I have it wrong, Mr. President, if I have it wrong, I will put you on the air and I will lead with my mistakes.” It's an empty gesture and Beck knows it. Obama's not going on the Beck show any more than Beck is about to go on the air with Keith Olbermann.

And if Beck had any real interest in the truth, he'd look into the mistakes we’ve caught him in (it’s not like we don’t know he reads this blog or has an assistant who does) or the falsehoods PolitiFact has caught him in and own up to them like a man.

Please feel free to contact Beck and Fox News with any comments at me@glennbeck.com or glennbeck@foxnews.com or yourcomments@foxnews.com.